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IDENTAutomated Biometrics Identification System (law enforcement)
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A relative of the deceased, seeing the report of the adjourned inquest, had appeared (accompanied by a medical gentleman); had seen the photograph; and had declared the identification by Henry Forth to be correct.
The discovery of the watch and shirt-pin convinces me that he was murdered that night, and that his jewellery was taken from him to prevent identification by its means.
How has it slipped by us, since the time when Mr Job Potterson here present, Mr Jacob Kibble here present, and an Officer of the Force here present, first came together on a matter of Identification!'
"This ruse will be discovered later," he cheerfully explained, "when they check up my weights, measurements, and other personal identification data, but it will be several months before this is done and our mission should be accomplished or have failed long before that time."
But if imprints have been taken of the thumb and four fingers of both hands one must needs lose all entirely to escape identification."
"I have brought the locket," she said, "as was agreed upon between you and General Kraut, as my identification. I carry no other credentials.
This seemed to satisfy the officer, and after taking the names of the party he marched his men on toward the scene of the skirmish to bring back the dead men for purposes of identification, if possible.
"Porlock, Watson, is a nom-de-plume, a mere identification mark; but behind it lies a shifty and evasive personality.
What stung me, was the identification of the whole affair with my unoffending self.
To-morrow some further evidence may help us to an identification. Meantime we can only renew our interrupted slumbers."
exchange-traded bonds of Joint-stock Company Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem with Issue Identification Number 4B02-04-31153-H-001P;
[USPRwire, Mon Sep 02 2019] Fact.MR finds that demand for biometric driver identification systems will be supported by their ability to ensure the safety of drivers, while enhancing their driving experience.
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