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Oregon and Washington require ignition interlocks for all offenders who want to have their driving privileges reinstated.
The job cuts follow the company's decision to move the production of ignition systems for small engines from Amal to Opcon's plant in China, but are also part of planned measures to adjust costs to an expected decrease in volumes during the first half of 2007.
However, recently it has been suggested (Medek and Weishauptova, 1999), that coal oxidation at various temperatures below the point of its ignition is accompanied by formation of chemisorption complexes decreasing significantly oxireactivity_of the coal surface at its following interaction with oxygen.
Even though much of the currently produced furniture is cigarette-ignition resistant, according to CPSC, there were an estimated 340 deaths and 730 injuries related to cigarette ignition of upholstered furniture in 1998, the latest year for which there is complete information.
This is "quite a feat," the company comments, considering that "MSD ignition coils for high-powered racing cars can generate up to 50,000 volts of electrical potential in repeated bursts, producing intense electrical noise.
Ignition provides the mortgage industry with the ability to manage interest rate and loan fallout risk with a Web-based risk-management system.
A second electronic lock must be decoded to energise the fuel computer brain as the fuel computer talks to the ignition key.
Until recently the most popular ignition type, the sidelock percussion is simple and straightforward.
Ignition interlock devices require a breath sample before the user may start a vehicle.
Alcohol Detection Systems offers ignition interlock devices under its Determinator(R) product line, which Directed will maintain moving forward.