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IGInterest Group
IGI Guess
IGIn Game (online gaming)
IGInspector General
IGInstallation Guide
IGImplementation Guide
IGInvestors Group
IGIlford (postcode, United Kingdom)
IGInsulating Glass
IGIgloo (pressurized and thermally controlled environment for Spacelab pallet subsystems)
IGItalian Greyhound
IGiGoogle (personalized Google homepage)
IGIndustriegewerkschaft (Industrial Labor Union)
IGImmune Globulin
IGInvestment Grade
IGIndex Glycémique (French: Glycemic Index)
IGInfidelguy (website)
IGInstituto Geofísico
IGImperial Guard (game)
IGIntelligence Group
IGImage Generator
IGInherently Governmental
IGIrish Guards (A British Regiment)
IGInspector Gadget (cartoon)
IGIslamic Group
IGInspection Générale (French: General Inspectorate)
IGInfogrames (European software company)
IGInscriptiones Graecae (definitive collection of ancient manuscripts)
IGInteractive Graphics
IGIsolated Ground
IGInstructor Guide
IGIncome Generation
IGInstitute of Genetics (Canada)
IGInteragency Group
IGInduction Generator
IGImperial Gallon
IGInterface Group
IGInertial Guidance
IGIndyGo (mass transit company)
IGInner Guard (Masonry)
IGInterdepartmental Group
IGInformation Granulation
IGIndex-Linked Gilts (finance)
IGIndiangrass (botany)
iGIm Generalstab (German: General-Staff Member)
IGInteroperability Group
IGInstructor in Gunnery (Canadian and British Military)
IGInspectoría General (Guatemala special police division)
IGInterglide (Shimano Chain and Cogs)
IGInverse Gain
IGImperial Games (gaming fansite network)
IGInterGOV International
IGIllumined Gaming (message board)
IGInterconnecting Group
IGInwent Germany
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She ignores virtually all other approaches to understanding these texts, but does from time to time denounce psychological approaches.
The "Man of the Year" story does not ignore these reactionary positions but, by emphasizing his jet-setting papal style, his multilingual skills, and his visits to the poor in Africa, seems to say, "Picky, picky, picky.
All animals have to be able to attend to certain stimuli and ignore others.
involvement in the region begun during the Republican Eisenhower administration, ignores the manipulations of Nixon appointee Henry Kissinger that led to defeat and the abandonment of most of the POWs, claims that Nixon ended the war in 1973 "honorably," and even maintains that he would have done better except for his Democrat-inspired Watergate woes.
They'd rather ignore the controller than take her advice.
This court ruling should also alert the MAC that they can't continue to ignore MAC ordinance number 37, which prohibits the recruitment of strikebreakers for employment at the airport and makes this punishable by law," said AMFA Local 33 President Ted Ludwig.
But other council members said the city has chosen to create neighborhood councils in the new charter and should recognize their importance, although they will not ignore individuals.
America can no longer endure government institutions that serve special interests and ignore the needs of the people.
Clients who ignore the changes taking place in the patent arena place themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage.
That's one of the things we newspaper columnists get paid for - to come up with ideas people totally ignore.
As Justice Goldberg wisely reminded us more than four decades ago, '(n)either government nor this Court can or should ignore the significance of the fact that.
Bush said he will not ignore California - and its 54 electoral votes - as previous GOP candidates did before.