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IGNIgnored (Status)
IGNInstitut Geographique National
IGNInstituto Geografico Nacional (Spain)
IGNI Got Nothing
IGNInternode Games Network
IGNImagine Games Network
IGNIn-Game Name (gaming)
IGNIrish Grand National (horses; Ireland)
IGNInternationalen Gesellschaft für Nutztierhaltung (German: International Society of Livestock Husbandry)
IGNIBM Global Network
IGNInternet Gaming Network
IGNImagination Network (formerly The Sierra Network)
IGNInternode Games Network (gaming community)
IGNInternational Go Newsletter (gaming)
IGNInternational Gaming News (Ign.com)
IGNInternet Gaming News
IGNInternational Great Northern Railroad Company
IGNInternet Group Names
IGNInternational Gaming Network, Inc (website)
IGNInsider Gaming News
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He said Rs283 million was allocated for several schemes in Hayatabad and Maira Kacchori areas of Peshawar but while his constituency, PK-71, had been ignored.
They said that players like Mohammad Zada, Salman, Amjad Akhtar, Nasim Ullah, Javed Ullah, Farhad and Waqas have been ignored despite their performances and selected overage players.
"But regarding the fact that two people directly linked with this group have been around the prime minister indicates that the Government's Office ignored the SIS warning."Slovaks need to know for their own safety whether the Government's Office "ignored" the information or SIS "is lying", Matovi added, as reported by TASR.
Parliament's members expressed strong indignation over the fact the UN chief ignored the sufferings of people sequestered in Tindouf camps and massive violations of human rights in these camps.
Even when there is an audible sound, if a driver is listening to loud music or talking on a phone it is easily ignored. The walk light means that all traffic should stop until the light is off.
Summary: Chief justice in Kermanshah says 'offenders' ignored warnings from police and 'ate intentionally.'
I FIND it shocking that when large numbers of Selly Oak and Selly Park residents have taken the time and effort to publicly object to the latest plans proposed by Sainsbury for the Battery Site in Selly Oak, that the council has ignored their views.
Mabon ap Gwynfor, for the NWHA, said: "Campaign groups have tried to influence the health board and been ignored. We've tried to influence the community health council and been ignored.
The bypass of Skopje by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presents Washington's message to Macedonia that as long as the name issue is not solved, we will be ignored by our biggest friend-USA.
Now, they would be considered nuisances and something to be ignored.
Mr Mallon, pictured below, told the Gazette: "I have a great deal to say on this subject but I want to examine what has been said today, and in particular the reasons why Redcar and Cleveland have ignored the findings of the study.
My general recommendations were not only ignored but suppressed because they revealed that the project had no chance of meeting its then budget and even less chance of the trains meeting their timetable targets.