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IHPInternational Hydrological Programme
IHPIn His Presence (ministry)
IHPInstitute for Health Policy (various locations)
IHPIndividuals and Households Program (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
IHPInstitut Henri Poincaré
IHPInternational Harmonization Project (oncology)
IHPIndian Housing Plan (US HUD)
IHPInternational Health Plan
IHPindividual Health Plan
IHPInternational Home Products (various locations)
IHPInclusionary Housing Program (various locations)
IHPIndicated Horsepower
IHPIndustrial Hygiene Program (various schools)
IHPIndustrial Hygiene Program (various organizations)
IHPIndividualized Habilitation Plan
IHPInterstellar Heliopause Probe (European Space Agency)
IHPInternational Humanitarian Partnership
IHPIraqi Highway Patrol
IHPI Hate People
IHPInstitutional Hearing Program (US Department of Justice)
IHPInnovative Health Products (Largo, FL)
IHPIntegral Horsepower
IHPIn House Programming (computer programming)
IHPIndoor Health and Productivity Project (US EPA)
IHPIn House Project
IHPIntegrated Healthcare Publishers
IHPIncident Handling Plan
IHPIcing Hazard Potential
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Diabetes IHP: www.pacer.org/health/pdfs/DiabetesIHCP.pdf
Samples containing 50.0 mL of suspension (corresponding to 50 mg of Gt) were then added to 50.0 mL of 60 [micro]M IHP solution, 50.0 mL of 120 [micro]M Zn(II) solution, or 50.0 mL of a solution of 60 [micro]M IHP and 120 [micro]M Zn(II) at various pHs (3.0-7.0) in 0.01 M KCl.
IHP uses StanfordCoreNLP and GeniaSS [13] (GENIA Sentence Splitter) to preprocess the text.
Last month, IHP and IOM completed a light base camp in Melut, Upper Nile, to host nearly 40 humanitarian staff working in the nearby UN protection of civilians (PoC) site and other remote areas of Melut.
The meeting also discusses the most important non-traditional water resources in the Arab region and setting up the IHP, its role in the region and the future plans.
Second, compared with other IHP patients, it is unknown whether the main symptom is under the background of genetics or not (9), such as the CACNA1C genotype, a subunit of the L-type voltage-gated calcium channel (10).
PARIS, June 21 (KUNA) -- The International Hydrological Programme (IHP) approved a proposal by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research's (KISR) to affiliate its hydrology department with UNESCO.
For IHP, automated DNA extraction was performed from 400 [micro]L of plasma or whole blood samples with the MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit on a MagNa Pure Compact Instrument (Roche Applied Science, Germany) using the Total NA Plasma 100-400 protocol.
Dr Murad has been selected as a result of his increasing involvement and efforts in developing IHP strategies as a member on the UAE national committee of the IHP since 2005.
When these students moved up to the eighth grade, a new group of seventh graders was enrolled, and this was repeated again the following year, with IHP now containing three teachers and close to 100 seventh through ninth graders, representing the tiniest sliver of the half-million-plus Los Angeles Unified School District.
Preliminary findings show that these proteins circulate at much higher levels in the blood of children with IHP than in children without the disease.
Since 2000, UNESCO's International Hydrological Program (IHP) has been participating in the establishment of a groundwater database.