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It results from extrinsic compression of left iliac vein by an anomalous overlying right iliac artery which predisposes to deep venous thrombosis.
Although readily identified in the long bones, when it occurs in less common sites, such as the iliac bones, it may be more challenging to diagnose.
Aneurysms in the aorta and bilateral iliac arteries were detected.
It is crossed by the left common iliac vein and care should be taken during hysteropexy and colpopexy operations.
It is proposed that this technique be considered when selective embolization of a branch vessel is not possible and the patient is relatively hemodynamically stable to tolerate the potential additional procedure time necessary for this technique, as opposed to untargeted internal iliac embolization.
Our patient presented with severe hematuria secondary to a ureteric-internal iliac artery fistula.
Key Words: Maxillofacial reconstruction, iliac crest graft, Autogenous bone grafts, Postopertive pain, Gait disturbance.
Manifestation of aneurysm is reported in 0.1% of general population, with aneurysm of the iliac artery accounting for 1% of these cases.
In this letter, we report a case of a patient with a fistula connecting the sigmoid colon with left iliac fossa skin as a complication of sigmoid diverticulitis.
A 6th year student Sourabh Tiwari born in 1988 was delivered to the Osh city hospital on February 22 with complaints of severe pain in the epigastrium and right iliac region, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth.
Astatement issued by the commission said the autopsy revealed that the bulletentered Saradeeh's lower abdomen, causing an internal bleeding and the ruptureof the right iliac artery and the right iliac vein, before exiting from hisback, refuting Israeli claims that he died as a result of tear gas inhalation.