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II2 (Roman numeral)
IIImage(ry) Interpreter/Interpretation
IIInstitutional Investor (investment magazine)
IIInternational Institute (various organizations)
IIItem Identification
IIIncident Investigation
IIInventory Item
IIInteractive Investor
IIIllegal Immigrant
IIIon Implantation
IIInstitutional Infrastructure
IIInterval International
IIImage Intensifier (Passive Night Vision Usage)
IIInternet Infidels
IIImposto de Importação (Brazil)
IIIntestinal Ischemia
IIIslamic Institute
IIInformation Interoperability
IIIkebana International
IIInspection Instruction
IIBiremis (Latin: Biremes, epigraphy)
IIInterview and Interrogations
IIInterchangeable Item (US DoD)
IIIce Imp (gaming)
IIImus Institute
III Hear & I Understand
IIIcyIcy (band)
IIInformation Indicator Digits (telecommunications)
IIInterim Isolated
IIInfinite Innovation Ltd (IT/Internet solution company)
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Although, in this study sample size is small (60 cases) with low rate of complication CRIF with K-wire under image intensifier can be recommended for stabilization of metacarpal and phalangeal fractures; intra-operative image intensifier is the only drawback and implant removal at outpatient department is the further advantage.
The directorate has been working for about 15 years to develop digital alternatives to image intensifiers, and Reago believes a digital device could be ready for fielding as early as three years down the road.
According to the company, this advanced image intensifier capability, offers unprecedented quality and performance and provides Special Forces operators with the enhanced technical advantage they require during night operations.
In operating theatres, the patient and the image intensifier should be placed at the optimum position.
The ARCADIS Avantic has several advanced features including the industry high 20 kW of power, up to 250 mA output, and a 13-inch image intensifier, which results in a generous field of view.
The CROWS sensor suite permits target engagements under day and night conditions and includes a daytime video camera, image intensifier, heavy thermal weapon sight, and laser rangefinder.
As the leading supplier of high performance image intensifier technology, ITT is pleased to be associated with Raytheon, the leading supplier of thermal imaging equipment.
The x-ray tube and image intensifier are mounted to a c-arm capable of tilting and moving up and down.
The image intensifier amplifies these input electrons by a factor of approximately one million, resulting in a cloud of a million electrons leaving the image intensifier.
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