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IMAGINEImagine Making A Generation In Our Nation Excellent
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You will easily imagine therefore my Dear Marianne that I could not feel any ardent affection or very sincere Attachment for Lady Dorothea.
"But, Grandfather," interposed Charley, who was a matter-of-fact little person, "what reason have you, to imagine so?"
The fish is held by the tail, and the head being introduced into the mouth, the animal disappears with a rapidity that would at first nearly lead one to imagine it had been launched bodily down the throat.
Let no one imagine, however, that the lovely Fayaway was in the habit of swallowing great vulgar-looking fishes: oh, no; with her beautiful small hand she would clasp a delicate, little, golden-hued love of a fish and eat it as elegantly and as innocently as though it were a Naples biscuit.
An examination of some headlines, and a short synopsis of the material covered, would indicate the "Imagine" section often fell short of any mission to address needs and concerns of regular citizens.
Or imagine him in the time of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, dying the way the Chinese drug lord Lim Seng died early in the morning of Jan.
A new survey from YouGov found that 13 per cent of adults in Great Britain can imagine themselves forming a friendship with a robot in the future.
than the sky, and then imagine cicadas bruising April.
The Taiwan Imagine Cup 2018 National Final theme was "Visible AI."
Imagine also that story being used as a pretext for America to drop 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on an Syrian airbase in April 2017 killing dozens of Syrian soldiers and pilots who were fighting ISIS.
With the acquisition of GFX and the continued support of Oak Hill Capital Partners, Imagine! continues to add capabilities and customer solutions.