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"I was witness that he offered man-eaters' for sale," said Imam Din.
"You'll take your arsenic, and Imam Din'll take you up to bed, and I'll come and tuck you in."
We waited till Imam Din returned to us from above and coughed at the door, as only dark-hearted Asia can.
But the Infant had already made the sign, and we heard Imam Din hunker down on the floor: One gets little out of the East at attention.
Sahib," Imam Din turned to Strickland, "our Sahib answered to those false words as a horse of blood answers to the spur.
Chairman Markazi Imam Hussain Council Ghazanfar Mehdi while addressing the 45th International Hussainia conference said that Imam rendered countless sacrifices for Islam and faced number of hardships with his family in Karbala.
Fakhar Imam said about one hundred thousand innocent Kashmiris including children, women, and senior citizens had been killed by Indian forces, adding that without resolving Kashmir issue as per aspirations of Kashmiris no power could maintain peace in the region.
Imam regretted that his maiden World Cup century hadn't come in his team's earlier matches.
Ghazanfar Mehdi chairman Markazi Imam Hussain Council chaired the conference.
She said the kind gesture was also to celebrate the Chief Imam's centenary birthday, which is this year.
Rashid Khorshidian, Head of the Council of Iranian Mobeds (Zoroastrian priests), on Tuesday at a ceremony on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise, said that the late Imam always reiterated that Iran is the country of all Iranians and all Iranians are members of a single nation, adding that the remarks prompted further solidarity among all Iranian ethnic groups.
Rami Imam denied all rumors about his father's bad health, Adel Imam, stressing that he is fine and will resume shooting his scenes as soon as possible, saying that he was not kept in any hospital secretly, but he did not leave the house.