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When they discovered that their prodding brought no outward evidence of suffering, their awe increased, so that they soon desisted, half believing that this strange white giant was a supernatural being and so was immune from pain.
It was too late now, but he wished he had had the forethought to get Merlin to put up a magic prescription for him, rendering him immune to dragon-bites.
He discovered why he had seen no babes or children among the Caspakian tribes with which he had come in contact; why each more northerly tribe evinced a higher state of development than those south of them; why each tribe included individuals ranging in physical and mental characteristics from the highest of the next lower race to the lowest of the next higher, and why the women of each tribe immersed themselves morning for an hour or more in the warm pools near which the habitations of their people always were located; and, too, he discovered why those pools were almost immune from the attacks of carnivorous animals and reptiles.
In ancient times a general punishment of the innocent for admonition of their ruler, as in the familiar instance of Pharaoh the Immune. The plague as we of to-day have the happiness to know it is merely Nature's fortuitous manifestation of her purposeless objectionableness.
The unfailing Ransome with the uneasy heart, immune, serene, and active, was getting ready for the early coffee for the men.
If loving to sleep in a whole skin makes a man a coward, non immunes ab illis malis sumus .
AN immune system protects you from illnesses and infection with a complex network of cells and organs.
Fluidigm Corporation announced the introduction of the Maxpar Human Immune Monitoring Panel Kit for comprehensive immune cell profiling in cancer and immune-mediated diseases.
EZC ACTIVE PAK: PPC Group's EZC Active Pak is a physician-formulated immune support pack designed to support the healthy immune system function of individuals with active on-the-go lifestyles.
Drastic limits on calorie consumption starting early in a monkey's life seemed to delay aging of the animal's immune systems in new research.
Successful pregnancy depends on adaptation of the woman's immune system to tolerate a genetically foreign fetus.
We use the terms "immune system targets" or "therapeutic targets," usually assuming that everyone understands exactly what we mean.