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IFTInstitute of Food Technologists
IFTIssued for Tender
IFTIn-for-Training (dogs)
IFTInverse Function Theorem (mathematics)
IFTIllinois Federation of Teachers
IFTInstitut für Fenstertechnik (German: Institute for Window Technology)
IFTInstitut fuer Therapieforschung (German: Institute for Therapy Research)
IFTInterbank File Transfer
IFTInverse Fourier Transform
IFTImage Foresting Transform
IFTIntegrated File Transfer
IFTInstituto de Física Teórica
IFTIn Flight Test
IFTInter-Facility Transfer (various locations)
IFTInterfacial Tension
IFTIntegrated Flight Test
IFTIntra-Family Transfer (guns)
IFTInterferential Therapy (physiotherapy)
IFTInstitute for Tropospheric Research
IFTInternational Fair of Tourism
IFTIf True (Hyper Logo command)
IFTImmunofluorescence Test (biology)
IFTInternational Federation of Trekkers (Star Trek fan club)
IFTInterstate Fuel Tax (commercial vehicles)
IFTInternational Foundation for Telemetering (sponsor of the annual International Telemetering Conference, ITC)
IFTInternational Frisbee Tournament
IFTIntelligent Future Technologies (Sweden)
IFTIn Flight Technician
IFTInitial Flight Training
IFTInstrument Flight Trainer
IFTIsoxaflutole (herbicide)
IFTInstitut Français de Taipei (French: French Institute of Taipei; Taipei, Taiwan)
IFTInternet File Transfer (NASD)
IFTInternational Furan Technology (South Africa)
IFTInstantaneous Fourier Transform
IFTIntegrated Function Test
IFTIntegral Flyback Transformer
IFTIntegrated Flight Technologies
IFTInter-Failure Time
IFTInitial Film Thickness
IFTInstituto de Formación Técnica (Guatemala, private school)
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The patient went through 2 years of toxicity just because nobody had done the immunofluorescence test.
On August 12, five of 8 patients tested by ELISA and immunofluorescence test (IFT) by the local health department had results consistent with acute C.
Laboratory tests and other investigations that help diagnosis are Scrub IgM and IgG, Indirect Immunofluorescence test, PCR of specific genomic type, MRI brain in some studies showed diffuse cerebral oedema along with T2 weighted and FLAIR images of hyperintensities in regions of putamen and thalamus.
Demonstration of granulocyte antibodies must be performed by using a minimum of 2 methods, the granulocyte agglutination test (GAT), the indirect granulocyte immunofluorescence test (GIFT), or the monoclonal antibody-specific immobilization of granulocyte antigen (MAIGA) assay (Table 2).
The antibodies that are created by the body against its own cell nuclei are called as anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA), and one of the methods used for detection and pattern of ANA is indirect immunofluorescence test (IIF).
Serum antisperm antibodies were detected by indirect immunofluorescence test (EURO IMMUNE, Germany).
To search for antibodies against SFG rickettsiae, the indirect immunofluorescence test was done, using the R.
Immunofluorescence test for sensitive detection of varicella-zoster virus-specific IgG: an alternative to fluorescent antibody to membrane antigen test.
Direct immunofluorescence test, electron microscopy and gene mutation studies could not be done due to limited resources.
1,2) However, in approximately 1% of patients affected by autoimmune disease, especially SS and PM/DM, the ANA indirect immunofluorescence test can yield negative results, and so a well-founded clinical suspicion could justify the request for the higher level tests.
The samples were analyzed for antinuclear antibodies (ANAs) using a commercially available indirect immunofluorescence test.
Prolonged incubation in the two-color immunofluorescence test increases the prevalence of titres of islet cell antibodies in type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus.