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But these investigators soon hit upon a much more interesting (and more practical) approach: using MS to directly evaluate the heterogeneity of the patient's serum immunoglobulin in exactly the same way that protein electrophoresis does.
Technavio's report, Global Immunoglobulin Products Market 2016-2020, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
Keywords: Child, primary immune deficiency, subcutaneous immunoglobulin
Along with my student Juejing Ling, I recently reviewed the question of how the use of immunoglobulin biologicals in pregnancy affects the vaccination of infants in an article published in Expert Review of Vaccines (2015 Dec 7:1-18 doi: 10.
The focus of this study is to find out any relationship between immunity and autism by comparing CRP and immunoglobulin levels of autistic patients with controls.
Exclusion criteria comprised conditions that could influence the immunoglobulin levels such as malignancy (American Cancer Society guidelines for benign and malignant neoplasms were used for screening the patients before the initiation of the study), renal dysfunction, vascular diseases, malnutrition or patients receiving immunosuppressive medication, chemotherapy or radiation therapy or any other condition that could make the subjects unsuitable for the study purpose.
In this study we investigate the effect of endurance training on cyclists' blood immunoglobulin levels in racing conditions and in the road.
Comment: A well-rounded vegetarian diet with supplemental vitamins and minerals is important to maintain normal levels of immunoglobulins.
Treatment given was (i) advice only; (ii) rabies vaccine; or (iii) rabies vaccine with rabies immunoglobulin.
Immunoglobulin is normally given to patients who suffer from an immune deficiency, but it has also been found to protect the brains of those with early stage Alzheimer's.
The protective effect of immunoglobulin is much weaker.