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In addition to previous studies dedicated to VE1 anti-BRAF V600E immunohistochemistry, further studies are needed to determine the medicoeconomic usefulness of implementing SP174 anti-RASQ61R immunohistochemistry in routine practice.
Immunohistochemistry staining with CK-7 allows highly accurate visualization of individual Paget tumor cells, which express a very high level of the protein.
Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology.
There are a variety of different immunohistochemistry methods but the commonest used in clinical practice is the indirect immunohistochemistry method.
Chromosomal translocation resulting in gene fusions encoding novel chimeric proteins of diagnostic and prognostic significance can be determined by immunohistochemistry e.
Immunohistochemistry is routinely performed in pathology labs and is a relatively inexpensive and rapid test method.
Rare cases of ALL-L2 that are confused with leukemic phase of large cell lymphoma can be differentiated through the use of TdT immunohistochemistry typing on bone marrow biopsy slide, which would be positive in ALL but not in lymphoma.
BioImagene also has a PIN4 algorithm for prostate cancer research, and FDA cleared algorithms to assess HER2/neu immunohistochemistry status.
Diagnostic immunohistochemistry and PCR are available in only a few reference laboratories.
They found latent nuclear antigen 1 (LANA-1) of KSHV in 16 cases (62%) when they used immunohistochemistry (Am.
The database combines proprietary immunohistochemistry data, obtained by using specific antibodies to determine protein localization in normal and diseased human tissues, with manually curated data covering more than 2,000 human genes from eight gene families.