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IMPACTIntegrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team (Canada)
IMPACTImproving Mood - Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment
IMPACTInformation Market Policy Actions
IMPACTInternational Marketing Program for Agricultural Commodities and Trade
IMPACTImplementing AIDS Prevention and Care Project
IMPACTInteractive Maryland Platform for Agents Collaborating Together
IMPACTImmunotherapy for Prostate Adenocarcinoma Treatment
IMPACTInstitute of Mechanics, Processes and Control - Twente (Netherlands)
IMPACTIncreased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory
IMPACTIndependently Merging Parent Associations of California
IMPACTImplementing Partnerships Across the Curriculum with Technology
IMPACTIllinois Microarchitecture Project utilizing Advanced Compiler Technology
IMPACTImaging Performance Assessment of CT Scanners
IMPACTIndiana Manpower Placement and Comprehensive Training Program
IMPACTIntegrated Manufacturing, Precision-Assembled, Cellular Technology (Goodyear)
IMPACTInclusive Model of Partnership Against Car Theft (UK)
IMPACTInformation Management for the Patent Cooperation Treaty
IMPACTIntegrated Model of Plumes and Atmosphere in Complex Terrain
IMPACTInformation Resource Management Program for Accessible Computer/Communication Technology (Department of State)
IMPACTIn-Situ Measurement of Particles and CME Transients
IMPACTImplanted Advanced Technology (TI)
IMPACTImplementation Planning and Control Technique
IMPACTInfluence Motivation Purpose Action Community Trust
IMPACTImproving Manufacturing Productivity with Advanced Collaboration Technology
IMPACTInformation Mining Performance Attainment Control Technique
IMPACTImmediate Mobile Police Assisting Citizens Together
IMPACTImproved Management Procurement And Contracting Technique
IMPACTInnovative Multicultural Programming and Activities for Campus Togetherness
IMPACTInsensitive Munitions Packaging Technology
IMPACTInsertion into MILSATCOM Products of Advanced Communications Technology
IMPACTImprove Precision Airdrop Capability
IMPACTIronworker Management Progressive Action Cooperation Trust
IMPACTIntegrated Management of Personnel Administration Through Computer Technology (US NIH)
IMPACTInstructional Material Production and Circulation Team
IMPACTImproving Mentor Practices and Communications Techniques
IMPACTIon Implementation Perturbed Angular Correlation Technique
IMPACTInternational Management Package for the Administration of Clinical Trials (pharmaceuticals)
IMPACTIntegrated Management Platform for Advanced Communication Technologies (MCI)
IMPACTIllinois Milestones Project: Achieving Capacity Transformation (est. 2010)
IMPACTI Must Plant A Church Today
IMPACTInternational Microsystems, Package, Assembly Conference Taiwan
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Bredin had of the declaration of war was the impact of a French roll on his ear.
The hilt of his sword must have struck my head, for with the impact of the corpse I lost consciousness.
But when, finally, he realized that his antagonist was fastened to him where his teeth and fists alike were useless against him, Terkoz hurled himself about upon the ground so violently that Tarzan could but cling desperately to the leaping, turning, twisting body, and ere he had struck a blow the knife was hurled from his hand by a heavy impact against the earth, and Tarzan found himself defenseless.
Thuvia turned the bow upward in an effort to avert the imminent tragedy, but she succeeded only in lessening the shock of the flier's impact as she struck the ground beside the Kaolian ship.
They began moving slowly across the hall, when they were stopped by the impact of Evelyn, who dashed into them, as though in running downstairs to catch them her legs had got beyond her control.
The impact hurled me to my knees, but the shield had deflected the missile and I was unscathed.
And when in the comparative safety of our hut we lay down to sleep the great beasts roared and fought without the walls, clawed and battered at the door, or rushed their colossal frames headlong against the hut's sides until it rocked and trembled to the impact.
The impact of his weight carried the deer to its knees and before the animal could regain its feet the knife had found its heart.
Instead he leaped above menacing claws and snapping fangs, turning in mid-air and alighting upon Sheeta's back, and at the instant of impact his knife struck deep into the tawny side.
The impact hurled them both to the ground and as Tara of Helium sprang to her feet again she saw, to her horror, that the loathsome head had rolled from the body and was now crawling away from her on six short, spider-]ike legs.
I saw the depleted gun-crew on the submarine fire their piece and I felt the shock of impact and heard the loud explosion as the shell struck and exploded in our bows.
The face was black, the tongue protruded, the skin was bruised from the heavy fists of his assailant and the thick skull crushed and splintered from terrific impact with the tree.