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IMPACTSIntegrated Manpower, Personnel, And Comprehensive Training & Safety
IMPACTSImage Processing for Automatic Computer Traffic Surveillance
IMPACTSInformation Warfare Mission Planning and C2 Targeting System
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The one impact knocked the breath out of him; the other stunned him.
He had seen airships flying low and swift over darkened and groaning streets; watched great buildings, suddenly red-lit amidst the shadows, crumple at the smashing impact of bombs; witnessed for the first time in his life the grotesque, swift onset, of insatiable conflagrations.
Then blinding flames squirted out in all directions from the point of impact, and the little man who had jumped became, for an instant, a flash of fire and vanished--vanished absolutely.
Look see," and he pointed to the torn and trampled turf, the broken bushes, and to one or two small trees that had been snapped off by the impact of the two mighty bodies that had struggled back and forth about the little clearing.
The poem swung in majestic rhythm to the cool tumult of interstellar conflict, to the onset of starry hosts, to the impact of cold suns and the flaming up of nebular in the darkened void; and through it all, unceasing and faint, like a silver shuttle, ran the frail, piping voice of man, a querulous chirp amid the screaming of planets and the crash of systems.
Struck in mid-air, a trifle of a flying machine, all its delicate gears tangled and disrupted, Cocky fell to the floor in a shower of white feathers, which, like snowflakes, eddied slowly down after, and after the plummet-like descent of the cat, so that some of them came to rest on her back, startling her tense nerves with their gentle impact and making her crouch closer while she shot a swift glance around and overhead for any danger that might threaten.
Even grown dogs might hurtle him backward or sideways with the impact of their heavy bodies; and backward or sideways he would go, in the air or sliding on the ground, but always with his legs under him and his feet downward to the mother earth.
Adding up all of the impacts across the four categories noted above amounts to a substantial sum that can be added to your bottom line.
The first was to add to the available body of knowledge by testing human volunteers in low-speed rear-end impacts at a level that was at or below the level currently associated with no significant risk of injury.
Scientists are taking advantage of the magnetic and gravitational scars of these impacts to identify the sites of the most dramatic bombardments this planet has ever experienced.
the first impact diamonds about 20 years ago, says Richard A.