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IMPInternet Messaging Program
IMPImpedance (Morse Code abbreviation)
IMPInternational Marketing Plan (various organizations)
IMPInternational Masters Publishers
IMPInternational Music Publications (publisher; UK)
IMPInformation Management Programme (various organizations)
IMPImpasse (French: Dead End; Canada Post street designation)
IMPInterface Message Processor (ARPANET)
IMPImperator (Latin: Emperor)
IMPImage Product
IMPInteractive Mathematics Program
IMPInformation on Medicinal Products
IMPIntake Manifold Pressure (sensor; automobiles)
IMPIntegrated Maritime Policy (EU)
IMPInosine 5'-Monophosphate
IMPIntegrity Management Program (various organizations)
IMPInstituto Mexicano del Petroleo
IMPInsulated Metal Panel
IMPIsle of Man Pound (ISO currency code)
IMPImager for Mars Pathfinder
IMPInstitut Médico-Pédagogique (French: Medical-Pedagogical Institute)
IMPIntegrated Master Plan
IMPImproved Message Passing
IMPInterface Message Processor
IMPImage Manipulation Program
IMPInitial Memory Protection
IMPInternet Music Player
IMPIntegrated Marketing Plan
IMPInstitute for Metal Physics (Ukraine)
IMPInvestigational Medicinal Product (European Union)
IMPIndustrial Master Plan (various locations)
IMPInfrastructure Management Program (various organizations)
IMPInformation Impacts (magazine)
IMPInterplanetary Monitoring Platform
IMPInterplanetary Monitoring Platform (Explorer satellites)
IMPIdeal Medical Products (Broseley, MO)
IMPInstrumental Music Program (various organizations)
IMPInstitute of Medical Psychology (University of Munich; Germany)
IMPImperforate (philately)
IMPIntegrated Management Plan
IMPInstitutional Master Plan
IMPInteractive Media Player (various organizations)
IMPIntelligent Multimedia Processing (various locations)
IMPInternational Marketing and Purchasing (Group)
IMPIndiana Michigan Power (utility)
IMPIt's My Pleasure (Internet slang)
IMPIncident Management Plan
IMPInternational Meeting Planners (Texas)
IMPIntegrated Marketing Portal (New York, NY)
IMPInstitut für Medizinische Psychologie (Institute of Medical Psychology, LMU Germany)
IMPIsrael Military Products
IMPInventory Management Plan
IMPInstitute of Medical Physics (Erlangen, Germany)
IMPInternational Match Points (bridge game)
IMPInvisible Mic Preamp
IMPInformation Management Plan
IMPInternational Museum of Photography
IMPIntrinsic Membrane Protein
IMPInstitute of Materials Processing (Michigan)
IMPInformation Management Practices
IMPImperatriz, Maranhao, Brazil (Airport Code)
IMPInterMedium Publishers (Netherlands)
IMPInternet Message Processor (less common)
IMPIll Mannered Playas (rap group)
IMPIntegrated Mediterranean Programme
IMPIonized Metal Plasma
IMPInstitute of Microwaves and Photonics
IMPIntelligent Mark Positioning (Virtek Company)
IMPInput Message Processor
IMPInternational Moron Patrol (internet flash-cartoon series)
IMPIntegrated Monitor Panel
IMPIndependent Members of Parliament Caucus (Republika Srpska)
IMPInstitute of Molecular Physics (Moscow, Russia)
IMPImplementation and Monitoring Plan
IMPInstructional Management Plan
IMPImplementation Management Plan
IMPIntegrated Mail Processor
IMPIndustrial Mobilization Plan
IMPInstructional Media Package
IMPInstallation Master Plan
IMPInput Message Processing
IMPInter-Modulation Product
IMPIndividual Meal Package
IMPInterface Management Plan
IMPIntelligent Processing of Materials
IMPInterline Message Procedure
IMPInput Method Profiler (Microsoft)
IMPInternet Modem Protocol
IMPItem Management Plan
IMPInbound Message Processor
IMPInvited Medical Personnel
IMPIntelligent Machine Post
IMPIn-service Management Panel
IMPImproved Maintenance Plan/Program
IMPInfrastructure Modernization Plan
IMPIntelligence Message Processor
IMPInitial Military Program
IMPInitial Modeling Step
IMPIntermodule Packet
IMPInteroperability/Integrated Management Plan
IMPIntegrated Maintenance Procedure
IMPIntegrated Modernization Period
IMPInfantry Mortar Plan
IMPICF Media Platform
IMPInjected Metal Products (component assemblies produced using a die casting technique)
IMPIn-Mould Painting (injection molding of pastic parts)
IMPIncubadora de Microempresas Productivas (Bolivia microfinance)
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The government team offered numerous concessions in order to break the impasse and resume the trade between the two countries,' a participant of the meeting told Dawn on condition of anonymity.
Sportshub ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1 But just as quickly, Marcial doused the fire by appealing to the media brat pack to focus on the upcoming PBA season and not on the impasse.
One source said that the impasse is close to reaching an end, but was privy about the details.
The impasse emerged after congressmen insisted that the local coal industry be exempted from excise and ad valorem taxes when the Train is implemented next year.
SADC will continue to closely monitor the situation and remains ready to assist where necessary to resolve the political impasse in keeping with established SADC Protocols and processes.
By entering an impasse and holding it open, by guarding "against every new closure, every new reconstitution" (Deleuze and Guattari, 1986: 14), we blast open the potentiality of the now and create the conditions for a different way of being in the world, a becoming-minor that resists the dream of becoming major.
The head of Ukraine's central bank has opined that a political impasse in the nation could put a proposed IMF loan in danger.
We were all disappointed the community resolution to the Twaddell impasse was unsuccessful but I think it was really positive the level of engagement that was going on there.
The current impasse is likely to maintain for the time being She maintained.
Bruce Rauner and Democrats in the Illinois Legislature have been at an impasse on the state budget since last summer.
Cuts in funding over several years and the state of Illinois' budget impasse are eroding the capacity of local health departments in Illinois.
And Hariri tries to save his government AL-MUSTAQBAL: Renews his support to Salam and Shehayeb's plan and called on everyone to assume responsibilities to resolve waste crisis Hariri attaches to dialogue THE DAILYSTAR: Presidential impasse still impervious --Rival political leaders failed Monday to make any headway in the 17-month presidential impasse, while the chances of convening a Cabinet session to tackle the garbage crisis remained slim in the absence of an agreement to implement a government plan to resolve the crisis.