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ZGMT / UTC (logging abbreviation)
ZSpeed Rating (department of transportation maximum tire speed rating of 149+ MPH)
zeffort (US DoD)
ZZoloft (anti-depressant)
ZAll Stop (bell log on a US Navy ship)
ZAtomic Number (number of protons in nucleus)
ZFlash (logging abbreviation)
ZFlash (Priority)
ZCorporation (IRB)
ZFootlocker (stock symbol)
ZZentner (German 50kg)
ZSet of Integers (math)
ZZulu Time
ZZetta- (prefix, 10^21 or sextillion)
ZCertain Amino Acids (glutamic acid, glutamine or a substance that yields glutamic acid on hydrolysis)
ZProton Number (physics)
ZSales in Full (newspaper stock table abbreviation)
ZLighter-Than-Air Vehicle (US Military aircraft type designation)
ZRedshift Factor (determines how fast a cosmic object is moving away from Earth)
ZUltra Heavy Nuclei
ZUnit of Sleep
ZZylog, Incorporated
ZBenzyloxycarbonyl Compound
ZZuckung - Contraction
ZAnimalian Sex Chromosome (such as chickens and moths)
ZJet Terminal Area
ZCenter of an algebraic group (mathematics)
ZDepth axis in Cartesian coordinate system
ZDiscrete-time complex variable (analogous to S in continuous-time; electrical engineering)
ZAircraft Symbol Prefix – Planning
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This robust, repeatable battery impedance tester comes with on-board pass, warning and fail indicators.
The resulting impedance plot is shown in pink in Figure 2.
This observational study evaluated the effect of CAD severity, distribution and EF on acute ventricular pacing threshold and lead impedance at the time of pacemaker implantation with retrospective analysis of patient charts.
Scully and coworkers (12), (13) have studied EIS of coated steel substrates and demonstrated that certain impedance parameters measured after several weeks of exposure correlated well with the coating performance after a year.
The investigators used a drop in intrathoracic impedance as a surrogate for identifying presymptomatic, treatable fluid build-up.
As noted earlier, the dry electrode method is the typical one for impedance spectroscopy in which electrochemical effects are not critical.
Impedance control strategies intend to encompass the traditional positioning tasks performed by robots, including the capability to handle static and dynamic interactions between the manipulator and its environment.
The measured impedance spectrum includes all effects, such as connecting cables and contact double layers, and parasitic effects.
As another example of the value of lines of constant impedance, consider the design of a symmetrical stripline differential pair.
The "complex" or "imaginary" number (j) is a mathematical way of expressing and manipulating the impedance vector.
Lukaski (2000) has reported that R represents more than 98% of the measured impedance of the body.
To minimize impedance and crosstalk, many cables incorporate additional shielding ground drain lines which function similarly to the 40 interspersed ground lines in the 80-pin Ultra ATA cable.