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It was apparently impregnated with an effervescent gas, for little bubbles were continually ascending from the depths of the glasses, and bursting in silvery spray at the surface.
The soil of this immense region is strongly impregnated with sulphur, copperas, alum, and glauber salts; its various earths impart a deep tinge to the streams which drain it, and these, with the crumbling of the banks along the Missouri, give to the waters of that river much of the coloring matter with which they are clouded.
At length, he was not more than one hundred yards from a bank, covered with green trees, when a puff of air strongly impregnated with a musky odor reached him.
Implantation of a foreign body biomaterial always carries certain attendant risks, but the collagen impregnated in these slings may increase adverse reactions over those seen with a prosthetic mesh.
It is the second time cows have been successfully impregnated with the sperm of genetically cloned bulls, after a similar experiment in Oita Prefecture, disclosed earlier this month.
In the United States they have been called melamine papers, intermediate weight foils and impregnated foils.
The leader of the PCFC church in Soko Mjinga took his life after the form three student led teachers to their home and revealed that it was the father who impregnated her.
Reports state the girls were impregnated in 2015 and 2016 and McLaughlin added that while one of the twins had an abortion, the other two girls had their babies as their pregnancies were discovered too late. "These girls will suffer the rest of their lives because of this," she said.
In order to obtain absorption ratios for the different concrete samples, the impregnated specimens kept in submerged condition for 72 hours after curing shown in Table 4 based on KS F 2459 [26].
The microscopic pores of the ePTFE tubing are impregnated with a binding agent having reactive groups for extraction.
It causes dyes to penetrate the surface of the polymer so that the impregnated images are highly resistant to wear.
Despite frequent matings, none of these males impregnated females.