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IMPRESSIntermetallic Materials Processing in Relation to Earth and Space Solidification (European Space Agency)
IMPRESSIntegrated Multi-Paradigm Reliable and Extensible Storage System
IMPRESSIntra-Molecular Propagation of Electron Spin States
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The love of pleasure and excitement which seems in a large measure to possess the French people impressed itself upon me.
Anthony, and I was deeply impressed with the fact that one did not often get an opportunity to see, during the same hour, two women so remarkable in different ways as Susan B.
Among the minor poems of Bryant, none has so much impressed me as the one which he entitles "June." I quote only a portion of it: --
It was evident that they were impressed; yet that they were loath to give up without further con-testing my claim to naval supremacy was also apparent, for some of their number seemed to be exhorting the others to a renewal of the conflict.
The abbe, who was quite innocent of Latin, nodded his head, in cadence, at every roll which La Fontaine impressed upon his body, according to the undulations of the dactyls and spondees.
I shall relate events that impressed me with feelings which, from what I had been, have made me what I am.
I infinitely prefer the tender and liberal spirit of Mainwaring, which, impressed with the deepest conviction of my merit, is satisfied that whatever I do must be right; and look with a degree of contempt on the inquisitive and doubtful fancies of that heart which seems always debating on the reasonableness of its emotions.
Their technique impressed him, but I fancy that he thought their attitude commonplace.
On the other hand, in mind he did not seem to have changed at all, and the culture which had impressed Philip at eighteen aroused somewhat the contempt of Philip at twenty-one.
Levin read the second volume of Homiakov's works, and in spite of the elegant, epigrammatic, argumentative style which at first repelled him, he was impressed by the doctrine of the church he found in them.
His sister Winnie had impressed upon him (in the omnibus) that Mr Verloc would be found at home in a state of sorrow, and must not be worried.
Well, it may sound an odd thing to say, but what impressed me most of all was the absolute innocence of the place.