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IMPRIMATURIntellectual multimedia property rights model and terminology for universal reference
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"Such budget allocations are not subject to the imprimatur of anybody else.
McEneaney, who saw his charges earn a fortunate draw with Mick O'Dwyer's Wicklow in the opening game, was happy to give it his imprimatur.
With the government's imprimatur and a condom wrapper inspired by New York's subways, city workers and volunteers in New York City handed out more than 150,000 condoms at numerous subway stations across the city on 14 February, Valentine's Day.
For a fee charged by the CIC to those seeking the credibility of the CIC imprimatur, CIC members with the expertise could be engaged by the CIC to do the reviews.
WASHINGTON -- The American Academy of Dermatology will soon start giving its official imprimatur to sunscreen products that it deems worthy, outgoing AAD President Stephen Stone said at the academy's annual meeting.
Even once the regulations are finalized, producers will be able to label their beef grass-fed, but the new regulations will cover labels with USDA's imprimatur.
Why, with the imprimatur of the Scripps Center and at almost $1 each, the cholesterol-lowering cookie will practically sell itself.
He describes Iraq's response to calls to account for its alleged stockpiles of illegal weapons and failed US and British efforts to gain imprimatur for their military actions in a manner that largely conforms to official views and eschews much critical analysis.
Michael Jackson, the noted British beer writer, has put his imprimatur on a new beer club designed to provide members with samples of some of the rarest beers in the world.
Canon Robert Falby of the diocese of Toronto questioned the selection process and why it seemed to only require the "imprimatur" of the primate, Archbishop Andrew Hutchison.
(And that show, too, featured an eccentric installation, with works hung high above viewers' sightlines, tucked into corners, and even hidden in heating vents.) As such, it is perhaps worth considering Monahan's oeuvre in the light of Daniel Buren's influential 1971 essay "The Function of the Studio," which proposes that any object produced in an artist's workspace and then displayed in a museum has engaged in an "unspeakable compromise," trading its own history and specificity for a kind of generic, free-floating institutional imprimatur. Once a private sanctum, a sort of lacuna in the everyday in which the repressed was free to return, the studio had now become, as Buren disdainfully put it, a "boutique"--just another node in the enmeshing matrix of consumer capitalism.
PTSD did not receive the imprimatur of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder until 1980, which raises doubts about the validity of reading back PTSD to the 1940s.