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IMPROVISEIllustrative Metaphor Production in Reactive Object-Oriented Visual Environments
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Nurses: The professionals who improvise to improve our world.
As well, Augustyniak's ( 2011) study concurred that not only the internal processes are necessary to help students improvise but also the combined internal and external processes of developing aural, visual and kinesthetic memory through explicit practice is necessary.
In my dissertation, Improvisation in the Collegiate Horn Studio, (1) I found that learning to improvise was not a novelty but an essential part of learning horn excerpts.
'You get used to improvising with teams and tactics but here we are having to improvise.'
You mentioned earlier that it is much easier for you to improvise in dance than in acting.
And there are occasions when we must improvise to fulfill "the mission." Running laps around a former Iraqi airstrip in northern Iraq is improvising at its best.
The blues statement "expresses a sense of life that is affirmative." To improvise is to establish one's style: "the dancing of an attitude."
When I was living in Madison, Wisconsin, in the early 1970s, I had been fired from a lucrative musical theater accompanist job because I did not now how to improvise. I was in shock.
Instrumental ornamentation is written out in full while the vocalist is instructed to learn how to improvise these ornaments.