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IN SITUIn Its Original Place
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Seed preparation and in situ sowing- Before sowing, dry seeds were soaked in 100 ml of sterile water for six hours, after which 70 ml of the supernatant was removed, leaving 30 ml sterile water with the seeds in the test tube.
Electrical experiments are a rapidly growing segment of in situ electron microscopy.
Mientras que la cria in situ se puede implementar como un metodo de conservacion de ecosistemas (Parson 1992).
The most common locations for melanoma in situ were the face, back, and arms.
In this investigation, children who received BST demonstrated the safety skills during self-report, role play, and in situ assessments.
LeBoit offered the following dues, which he said should heighten the suspicion that a lesion is a melanoma in situ, rather than an artifact of skin that has been damaged by the sun:
Papers by Wartho and Kelly and Kramar deal with in situ argon geochronology and the interpretation of diffusion profiles.
The remainder of this article focuses on how we have used this information to develop applications and potential applications for in situ biodegradation.
Recommendations for ex situ and in situ conservation and use of Mediterranean legume germplasm are highlighted.
By combining conventional SANS studies of freestanding thermal barrier coating microstructures with NS-SANS and anisotropic USAXS studies of the modifications introduced when the thermal barrier coating is in situ on the substrate, a valuable validation tool is becoming available to support industrial thermal barrier coating design.
In partnership with Colmec, SpA, the company has developed a patented in situ mixing extrusion system that allows users to mix then extrude uncolored Silastic brand high consistency silicone robber compounds with color masterbatches, or various additives, fillers and processing aids in a single step on one piece of equipment.