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were able to show successful engraftment of normal human MSCs following in utero intraperitoneal transplantation into fetal sheep.
Next, we assessed the effects of in utero exposure to BaP on the reproductive health of the offspring.
Documenting in utero exposure in the medical record is important for tracking what substances are being used in pregnancy and which are associated with NAS.
Froehlich was able to determine that 35% of the current prevalent cases of ADHD in the United States could be linked to in utero tobacco exposure or to blood lead levels in the third tertile.
During the mid to late 1980s, reports suggested that cocaine use during pregnancy caused congenital malformations, which were followed by other reports suggesting that cocaine had adverse effects on long-term neurodevelopment in children exposed in utero. However, more recent systematic reviews of a large number of cases have not found an association between in utero exposure to cocaine and an increase in malformations of any kind, and these original concerns have not been borne out.
The facts of each particular in utero injury claim would have to be examined in order to answer questions like these.
Data on both antibody types suggest that immunity is influenced by PCB exposure both in utero and during infancy, presumably from breast-feeding.
The letter cautioned against relying on "people who lack any scientific experience or expertise" for information about methamphetamine's effects, as when The New York Times, in a February 2004 article, quoted a police captain who declared that "meth makes crack look like child's play." The scientists also noted that no withdrawal syndrome has been documented in babies exposed to cocaine or methamphetamine in utero. And since addiction involves continued use of a drug despite negative consequences, they wrote, "by definition, babies cannot be 'addicted' to methamphetamines or anything else."
Accordingly, Baby Doe was allowed to drown to death in utero. A physician made an incision in ZM's abdomen, and placed a clamp on the umbilical cord, cutting off the infant's oxygen supply; this forced the child to breathe amniotic fluid through his nose.
Without wanting to get too personal, perhaps their mamas were hitting the crack pipe while they were in utero, but whatever made them the way they are, you gotta love their Hot Dang" seven inch on Palntcan Chandelier Records.
was entitled to insurance coverage for certain injuries in children of women who ingested DES during pregnancy and were exposed to it in utero. The circuit court also considered whether Squibb was entitled to coverage for claims brought by the grandchildren of women who ingested DES where the grandchildren suffered injuries related to premature birth caused by their mothers' anatomical injuries.
Their children, who were exposed to DES in utero, were also put at risk for cancer, and the female children's cervixes developed abnormally, which impairs their ability to carry pregnancies to full term.