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IV4 (Roman numeral)
IVIndependent Variable
IVImmigrant Visa
IVIn Vitro
IVInvestigator (USCG Rating)
IVInteractive Video
IVIvory Coast (now Cote d'Ivoire)
IVInverness (postcode, United Kingdom)
IVCote d'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast)
IVInitialization Vector
IVInitial Value
IVIndependent Verification
IVIsla Vista (California)
IVInput Voltage
IVImplied Volatility (finance)
IVCurrent Voltage
IVInstrumental Variable
IVInformation Visualization
IVIntervarsity Christian Fellowship (usually seen as IVCF)
IVIntravaginal (obstetrics)
IVIntegrierte Versorgung (German: Integrated Health Care)
IVInternational Visitor
IVInitial Velocity
IVInteramente Versato (Italian: Fully Paid-Up)
IVIntelligent Vehicles
IVIntrinsic Viscosity
IVInverted Vertical
IVIndividual Value (Pokémon video game)
IVIn Vertretung (German: By Proxy)
IVIntroversion Software (game company)
IVIntra Vascular
IVInnoventions (Disneyland, EPCOT)
IVInsurance to Value (insurance)
IVIntercepter Vehicle
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Rooting of In vitro regenerated shoots can be initiated by transferring them to a medium containing only auxins.
During IVEP, in vitro maturation is a crucial step for the generation of quality oocytes capable of being fertilized and developed into normal embryos (Wang et al., 1997).
Sucrose and NH4NO3 concentrations in MS medium had no influence on Celosia argentea propagation in in vitro cultures (Table 1).
On the basis of type, the global IVF market is segmented into intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and IVF using donor eggs.
Within the food research sector, the COST Infogest project aimed to make use of a simple system to simulate human nutrition as accurately as possible in vitro. The methods used in the various partner countries had to be adapted and harmonised, so that researchers could compare and exchange their results.
For in vitro titration, the plaque count was determined in primary kidney cells derived from young, healthy (3-6 weeks of age) lambs or pigs, specifically euthanized, using an overdose of pentobarbital (Euthasol 40%, AST Farma, The Netherlands), for the culture of the cells.
To date, the effect of sheep follicular fluid (SFF) supplementation during the in vitro maturation of sheep oocytes on gene expression and embryo development has not been investigated.
However, as mentioned previously, the ability of pure populations of beta cells in vitro and in vivo may not be as beneficial when compared with coculture of relevant supporting cells.
Thanks to this in vitro plant laboratory, whose annual production capacity is estimated at around 4 million rootstocks, satisfying the needs of the local market and exporting to several countries notably Algeria, Italy, France, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Eritrea, etc.," said the engineer, adding that the production of the laboratory covers protected and local varieties of all fruit species, including apricots, peaches, almond trees, olive trees, pomegranate trees, pistachio trees, etc.
La technique de la culture in vitro (appelee aussi, micropropagation) consiste a regenerer une plante entiere, au sein d'un laboratoire, a partir de cellules ou de tissus vegetaux en milieu nutritif, et ce, en utilisant des techniques modernes de culture cellulaires.