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ITVIndependent Television (UK)
ITVInstructional Television
ITVInteractive Television
ITVInternational Television
ITVIndependent TeleVision (Thailand)
ITVInstituto Tecnológico Vale (Portuguese: Vale Technology Institute; Brazil)
ITVIn-Transit Visibility
ITVInternet Television
ITVIndependent Television
ITVInspección Técnica de Vehículos
ITVInsurance To Value
ITVIndustrial Television
ITVInternal Tumor Volume (oncology)
ITVImproved Tow Vehicle
ITVInternally Transportable Vehicle (US Marine Corps)
ITVInternal Target Volume (medical radiation)
ITVIsrael Television
ITVInvestment to Value (real estate ratio)
ITVInspector Test Valve (firefighting)
ITVImagine the View (Santa Fe, NM; photography company)
ITVInchon Television
ITVInnovation Training Vorsprung (German: Innovation Training Projection)
ITVInstrumented Test Vehicle
ITVInterplanetary Transfer Vehicle
ITVInert Test Vehicle
ITVIn-Transit Vulnerability
ITVInstrumentation Test Vehicle
ITVIntake Throttle Valve
ITVInstant Ticket Validations (lottery industry)
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This is a great tool for logistics in-transit visibility and asset visibility, an additional tool above-and-beyond the IT components currently in the field, such as BCS3," said Robbins.
In-transit visibility, supply-point locations, and graphics can also be displayed on CPOF when provided by BCS3 through the unit's battle command server.
In addition to tracking trucks and trailers, DTTS has been working on tracking other modes of transportation in order to bring in-transit visibility down to fewer systems.
Air and surface cargo are delivered to the Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point (TCSP) for cross-docking, tagging, and distribution to maintain cargo in-transit visibility, reduce the amount of trucks utilized for distribution, and build efficiencies through cargo consolidation and delivery routes with scheduled delivery and pick up times.
DoD defines in-transit visibility as the near-real-time capability to track logistic resources and transportation assets while they are mobile and underway.
Customer requirements regarding in-transit visibility are rapidly ratchering up, insurance costs continue to skyrocket, the Department of Homeland Security is beginning to implement the first of many security measures, and the economy continues to remain uneven.
Also, ORBCOMM provides DSI with two-way temperature monitoring and control, fuel management, maintenance and logistics services, which enables DSI to increase in-transit visibility and utilisation of its assets, mitigate product spoilage and ensure compliance with the FDA's upcoming Food Safety Modernisation Act.
JTF-PO was created to address critical shortfalls such as discrepancies between shipped and received material, to rapidly clear cargo, to establish a distribution node and network, to coordinated cargo onward movement, insufficient in-transit visibility (ITV), and so on.
RPOEs provide commanders with in-transit visibility, conduct clearance and distribution operations, and receive and transload cargo as an initial-entry port opening force.
We've developed an in-transit visibility system that gives commanders unprecedented situational awareness when they deploy and redeploy.
For the past dozen years, Savi has helped to build the DOD's In-Transit Visibility network, which is the world's largest active RFID-based cargo tracking system, spanning more than 4000 nodes across more than 40 countries.