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Finally, Cobalt said that it is drilling its Ardennes #1 exploratory well in Green Canyon 896, targeting both Miocene and Inboard Lower Tertiary reservoirs and the results will be available sometime mid-year 2013.
Our wingman said the left inboard tank was not only in contact with the outboard pylon, but also the left main-gear door.
In contrast, achieving the same in variants of inboard configurations is challenging, owing to the location of the bathroom between the corridor and the patient.
They noticed the inboard, life-raft-compartment door on top of the starboard wing momentarily spring open and then return to a normal position.
Standard features include heavy duty top cap design; chrome-plated hardened steel rolls; inboard grease seals on roll bearings; automatic lubricators for each bearing; heavy duty low-slung cast mill frames and top caps; heavy duty, cast journal housings pre-drilled for addition of front or rear roll doctor blades; cast aluminum, fixed and adjustable batch guides; adjustable vibration isolation dampeners to insure 50" operating code height; rotary unions and spray pipes for roll cooling; and more.
The theme is echoed in the rear lights with its new tail lights employing a circle with a flattened top, flanked to the outside by indicators and inboard by the stop lights.
It greatly improves load containment and significantly reduces the chance for damage on double-stacked loads, winged pallets or those carrying barrels, pails or rolls that lead to severe inboard load conditions.
Columns are pulled inboard to create a circulation zone around the perimeter, and adjustable fabric baffles at the column line enable the room to be blacked out, acoustically dampened, and planned to simulate different stage layouts.
But after you drain the excess fluid, some of it remains trapped in the hydraulic system and continues to drain from the line inboard of the front landing gear wheels when the aircraft is moved.
A collision was averted after inboard safety equipment warned the crew of an Air New Zealand plane that a Qantas jet was climbing into their air space off the coast of Irian Jay a west of Papua New Guinea.
Other features of note include a fully composite bellypan designed to improve aerodynamics (all 5 Series models have a Cd of 0.29) and road noise insulation, adaptive cruise control, side impact sensors that measure pressure changes within the door structure, adaptive brake lights (under heavy braking or ABS engagement the round inboard light segments also illuminate) and optional adaptive headlights.