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I/CIn Charge
I/CIntegrated Circuit
I/CIncluding (nursing; medical notes)
I/CInter company
I/CInvestment in Contract
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3) Dramatic, including not merely the drama but all poetry of vigorous action.
If this great bed of pebbles, without including the mud necessarily derived from their attrition, was piled into a mound, it would form a great mountain chain
Complete urethane processing lines may include bulk storage and blending, including fiber or filler; mold carriers, including clamps, turntables, and conveyor systems; auxiliary robotics, ovens, hydraulics, and materials-handling equipment; and SRIM preforming systems.
SCOPE OF AUDIT: The audit shall include all funds of the DISTRICT including the student body and cafeteria funds and accounts and any other funds under the control or jurisdiction of the DISTRICT including those pursuant to a joint powers agreement.
Additional research, therefore, is needed to address all aspects of inhalant abuse, including the epidemiology, the behavioral, cognitive, and neurobiological antecedents and consequences of inhalant abuse, as well as the treatment and prevention of inhalant abuse.
Ram (preform) extruder auxiliary devices will be highlighted, including shear head, cavity transfer mixers and gear pumps.
Not only a giant in the book, music, and video retail business, Borders also has progressive policies for all of its employees, including its GLBT segment.
Combined with $114 million in estimated expedited passport fees, a total of $271 million will be available for information technology investments, including beginning a major initiative state messaging and archive retrieval toolset (SMART) that will overhaul the outdated systems for cables, messaging, information sharing, and document archiving.
the construction of new file rooms, vaults, archives, and records centers, including general requirements, records storage areas, and protection against outside exposure fires
Frequently, the buyer engages the team approach including two people: a site reviewer and a file reviewer.