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ILVIntegrated Video
ILVInterior Lighting
ILVIndependent Lung Ventilation (lung disease)
ILVInterne Leistungsverrechnung (German: internal accounting)
ILVInformation sur le Lieu de Vente
ILVInstitute for Living Voice (Belgium)
ILVInstituto Luis Vives (Mexico)
ILVIntra-Luminal Vesicles (bioscience)
ILVImpact Law Ventures (India)
ILVIntegrierte Lehrveranstaltung (German)
ILVIonic Levitating Vehicle
ILVIndustria de Licores del Valle (Columbia)
ILVIndicative Limit Value
ILVInstitut Lavoisier de Versailles (French institute)
ILVImproved Low Visibility (missile)
ILVIntermediate Launch Vehicle
ILVInternational Language Village (Taishan Foreign Language School; China)
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In cases where the pulmonary graft shows evidence of dysfunction independent lung ventilation must be considered a reasonable alterative.
As always, when planning independent lung ventilation in the setting of a difficult airway, ventilation via a simpler technique should take precedence over insertion of a complex tube.
Also, there are pieces covering areas which are difficult to manage clinically, such as independent lung ventilation and extracorporeal life support, as well as an excellent section on various issues in neonatal and paediatric ventilation.
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