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INIndiana (US postal abbreviation)
INIndividual Network
INIndividual Needs
INIntelligence (office of, DOE)
INImprovement Note
INIndian Navy
INIntelligent Networking
INIntelligent Network
INIntelligent Notification (MiR3, Inc., San Diego, CA)
INInstructor Navigator
INInstrução Normativa (Brazilian taxes)
INImpaled Nazarene (band)
INIntermec (stock symbol)
INInformation Need (US DoD)
INIngress Node
INInfonet Services Corporation (stock symbol)
INInertial Navigation
INMacedonian Airlines (IATA airline code)
INIntra Nasal
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INPeruvian Inti (national currency)
INInsect Nation (Adam Ant fans)
INIndian Blood Group System
INIce-Forming Nuclei
INKey Punch Operator and Supervisor (US Navy)
INInspection Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Inspection)
INIncision Network (forum)
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For indeterminate varieties, trellising or staking plants is essential to keep the foliage and fruits off the soil and increase air flow, reducing foliage diseases.
Given the confusion between ROM and ROCSD, our preference would be to report both of them for our indeterminate thyroid aspirates, and thus give both patients and clinicians more rather than less information about their tests.
The test helps identify patients with benign thyroid nodules among those with indeterminate cytopathology results in order to help patients avoid unnecessary diagnostic thyroid surgery.
Talking about the case, Dr Shaikh said Kinza was diagnosed with indeterminate sex eight months ago.
Among 46 patients with lupus, dermatomyositis, or blistering diseases who had been on hydroxychloroquine within a year of testing, QuantiFERON-TB Gold (QFT-G) tests--the go-to TB test in many places--yielded indeterminate results in 37%.
Tobias Peikert, M.D., from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and colleagues used the National Lung Screening Trial dataset to develop independent quantitative variables assessing radiologic nodule features using 726 indeterminate nodules (318 benign and 408 malignant).
Therefore, leprosy was divided into four main classes: lepromatous, tuberculoid, borderline and indeterminate (Box 8).10
All other samples that were indeterminate with any one of these assays provided that the second assay being negative or indeterminate, were accepted as WB-indeterminate.
After extensive analysis of indeterminate test results, it was hypothesized that preanalytical procedural lapses were leading to excess indeterminate QFT-G results from patients in HMH's inpatient medical units.
At 48 hours, 47.2% of 705 reading pairs were labeled successful and 51.3% were labeled indeterminate. Failure, or complete disagreement, occurred in 1.6%, or 11 individual antigen pairs.
Samples from participants who received positive and indeterminate RIBA results were then tested using newer HCV RNA testing, which has replaced RIBA as an HCV confirmation test.
All 70 nodules had a TIR3 cytological diagnosis, based on the SIAPEC 2007 classification: TIR1, nondiagnostic; TIR2, negative for malignant cells; TIR3, indeterminate (follicular lesion); TIR4, suspicious for malignancy; and TIR5, diagnostic of malignancy [24].