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INDIndiana (old style)
INDIndependent (subway line, New York, NY)
INDIndonesian (language)
INDInvestigational New Drug (application to the FDA)
INDIndic (linguistics)
INDImmigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst
INDImprovised Nuclear Device
INDImmigration and Nationality Directorate (UK)
INDIndorsement (former spelling of endorsement)
INDInner Niger Delta (Mali)
INDInternet Name Domain
INDin and Decrement
INDIbm Interactive Network Dispatcher
INDInverse Neighbor Discovery (Internet engineering)
INDInstituto Nacional de Deportes (Spanish: National Institute of Sports)
INDInstitute of Notre Dame (Maryland high school)
INDInnovative Network Designs (various locations)
INDIota Nu Delta (fraternity)
INDInterplanetary Network Directorate (US Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
INDInvestigatory New Drug
INDIn Nomine Dei (Latin: In the Name of God)
INDIndianapolis, IN, USA - Indianapolis International Airport (Airport Code)
INDInternational Nomenclature of Diseases (WHO)
INDInternodal Distance
INDInstitut für Nachrichtengeräte und Datenverarbeitung (German: Institute for Communication Systems and Data Processing; Aachen, Germany)
INDIrrigation and Debridement
INDIntensive Narcotic Detoxification
INDIncision and Drain
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Only the consumers confidence improved in Cyprus, while the services, construction, industrial and retail trade indicators deteriorated.
Under the contract, the consultant will be responsible for the following tasks: Determine a simple framework for PSD which will be used as the framework for categorizing the indicators.
It's important to emphasize that no single indicator should be used in a vacuum.
Department of Health and Human Services is designed to provide key health data and health indicators for researchers, policy-makers and health professionals.
If the indicator is red, the only way to "clear it" is to push the reset button.
For every implicit indicator we examined whether it correlates with explicit ratings.
According to the Commission, the decline in the sentiment indicator for the EU can be explained by developments in the industry sector,where the confidence indicator fell by two points.
Rather than building this training on a single set of perspectives and experiences resulting in a single model of indicator development, CIC is introducing a broad indicator development structure filled with examples from a range of project types.
Several techniques include parabolic velocity indicator, parabolic acceleration indicator, cubic velocity and acceleration indicators, and different class of divergences.
Using electrocardiograms (ECGs) taken every two weeks during late 2000 and early 2001, the team analyzed four key indicators of heart function and condition: QT interval duration (the total time from ventricular depolarization to complete repolarization) and T-wave amplitude, complexity, and variability of complexity (all indicators of normal ventricular repolarization).
According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP), each indicator is an important health issue in its own right.
Environmental indicator sets assemble quantitative measures of conditions and trends (known as indicators) to assess the state of the environment and natural resources and to gauge progress toward specific goals.