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INDIEIntegrated Network of Disability Information and Education
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com claimed the store will enable customers to locate the titles they want and interact with a community of indie movie fans.
The service aims to promote indie music to those unfamiliar with indies by providing opportunities to listen to them.
The Best of Secter paints a vivid portrait of these years, mixing interviews with indie film guru John Pierson and composer Philip Glass, who place these films in the context of the vibrant indie film and New York art scene, along with clips of his former collaborators reminiscing about these productions.
Washington chapter member Helen Mitternight knew that if she didn't establish some kind of indie group, they would start to drift away from the organization.
Robinson's dilemma limns a mostly unspoken truth about the indie ethos: "Selling out" can sometimes be less lucrative than the integrity of independence.
We're pleased to offer Black Paint as our first subscription library so that musicians and sound designers can channel the rough, raw spirit of indie rock with the same ease of use that characterizes the entire Sony Sound Series library.
With the help of Versus Evil and the support of the Brazilian Cultural Incentive Law, Toren shows that even a small, dedicated team of indie developers in Brazil can touch the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.
Daemon's social consciousness has earned Ray trust in the indie world, so much so that when she recently made a deal with the power-punk band 6X, the members signed their contract without reading it.
New approaches to digital distribution give indies the ability to level the playing field and spread their music worldwide.
Entrance to the Indie Lounge is an exclusive, invite-only experience designed to indulge A-list celebrities, B-list entertainers and press and media outlets from around the globe with luxury gifting, as well as the opportunity for independent filmmakers, musicians and affluent industry professionals to connect and collaborate.
com)-- AP Camera Systems announces the launch and opening of pre-orders of the indie i5[TM] - simply the most professional and capable photo / video accessory for owners of Apple[R] iPhone 5 mobile phones.
The supremely tuneful roar of the Ramones is a cornerstone of the exciting new format at KDLD-FM - Indie 103.