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INIndiana (US postal abbreviation)
INIndividual Network
INIndividual Needs
INIntelligence (office of, DOE)
INImprovement Note
INIndian Navy
INIntelligent Networking
INIntelligent Network
INIntelligent Notification (MiR3, Inc., San Diego, CA)
INInstructor Navigator
INInstrução Normativa (Brazilian taxes)
INImpaled Nazarene (band)
INIntermec (stock symbol)
INInformation Need (US DoD)
INIngress Node
INInfonet Services Corporation (stock symbol)
INInertial Navigation
INMacedonian Airlines (IATA airline code)
INIntra Nasal
INImperishable Night (game)
INPeruvian Inti (national currency)
INInsect Nation (Adam Ant fans)
INIndian Blood Group System
INIce-Forming Nuclei
INKey Punch Operator and Supervisor (US Navy)
INInspection Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Inspection)
INIncision Network (forum)
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Indium Software is a rapidly growing technology solutions company with expertise in digital services (big data analytics, blockchain), QA and game testing.
Figure.1 shows a typical X Ray diffraction patterns for the as-deposited indium tin oxide thin films prepared at 200[degrees]C, 225[degrees]C, 250[degrees]C and 275[degrees]C.
The cermet Sn+[In.sub.2]03 coatings were sprayed using mixture of tin and indium oxide powders in volume ratio of 1 : 1.
By annealing layers at 400 [degrees]C [In.sub.2][S.sub.3] grains coalescences and clusters of indium sulphide produced.
Indium named Glen Thomas product manager for PCB assembly solder paste.
Indium bump deformation is strongly temperature and time dependent, which is known to be viscoplastic.
In all the metallated porphyrins there was absence of signal related to N-H protons and shift in other signals indicating the insertion of Indium in porphyrin macrocycle.
V-shaped defects [5-7] readily form at InGaN/GaN quantum wells (QWs) having high indium mole fractions, triggered by threading dislocations in the buffer layer.
Professor Karen Winey said that there are two problems with ITO; indium is relatively rare, so its cost and availability are erratic, and, more importantly for flexible devices, it's brittle.
In work reported in the journal Science, an international team of researchers led by a group at Lind University in Sweden learned to grow nanowires made of indium phosphide using a method catted metalorganic chemical vapor deposition, in which the nanowire crystals are built up through agglomeration of individual molecules.
As a starting material and a dopant, zinc acetate dihydrate (Zn[(C[H.sub.3]COO).sub.2] x 2[H.sub.2]O) and indium nitrate were dissolved in a mixture of 2-methoxyethanol (MOE) and monoethanolamine (MEA) solution.
A series of indium catalysts developed at the University of British Columbia could provide a solution.