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IRAIrish Republican Army
IRAIndividual Retirement Arrangement (IRS)
IRAIndividual Retirement Account
IRAInternational Reading Association
IRAImport Risk Analysis
IRAIndividual Retirement Annuity (life insurance)
IRAIntercollegiate Rowing Association
IRAIndian Reorganization Act
IRAInternet Research Agency (Russian troll farm)
IRAIndividual Right of Action (legal claim)
IRAInventoried Roadless Areas (various locations)
IRAInformation Resource Area
IRAIntelligent Remote Agent
IRAIndustrial Rope Access
IRAInternal Revenue Allotment (Philippines)
IRAIran Air (ICAO code)
IRAInformation Research and Analysis (University of North Texas; Denton, TX)
IRAInstitut Régional d'Administration (French: Regional Institute of Administration)
IRAInitial Risk Assessment
IRAInternational Reference Alphabet (7-bit coded character set)
IRAIllinois Restaurant Association
IRAInterim Remedial Action
IRAInherited Runs Allowed (baseball pitching statistic)
IRAInstitut des Régions Arides (French: Institute of Arid Regions; Tunisia)
IRAInstitute of Resource Assessment (Tanzania)
IRAImport Risk Assessment
IRAInvestor Relations Association
IRAImmediate Response Authority (US FEMA)
IRAIleorectal Anastomosis
IRAIndependent Regulatory Agency
IRAIrregular Repeat-Accumulate (coding scheme)
IRAIndian Removal Act of 1830
IRAIllinois Recycling Association (formerly Illinois Association of Recycling Centers)
IRAInventory Record Accuracy
IRAIntegrated Risk Assessment
IRAImmediate Response Account
IRAInstitut de Recherche Aérospatiale (French)
IRAIndividualized Residential Alternative (New York)
IRAInvestor Rights Agreement
IRAInformation Retrieval Agent
IRAImpulse Radiating Antenna
IRAInstitut de Radiophysique Appliquée
IRAInverness Royal Academy
IRAInformal Rate Agreement
IRAIncubateur Régional d'Aquitaine (French: Aquitaine Regional Incubator; Aquitaine, France)
IRAInstitut de Recherche Agronomique (Cameroon)
IRAIslamic Rating Agency (banking)
IRAInternational Retrovirology Association
IRAInterim Removal Action
IRAInterim Response Action
IRAIssue Resolution Agreement
IRAIndependent Research Agency
IRAInstitutional Research Award (NASA)
IRAInternational Regulatory Affairs Updates (est. 2004)
IRAInternet Routing Address
IRAInformation Research Associates
IRAInternational Racing Association
IRAIntelligence Related Activity
IRAIndependent Reporting Activity
IRAInformation Requirement Analysis
IRAIndiana Rehabilitation Association
IRAIterative Refinement Algorithm
IRAInternal Revenue Association
IRAInterface Requirements Analysis
IRAIntelligent Reuse Advisor (CASE)
IRAIntercon Research Associates
IRAInitial Request Analysis
IRAInspection Régionale de l'Agriculture (French: Regional Agriculture Inspection; Senegal)
IRAInternational Roaming Agreement (telephone networks)
IRAItem and Release Application
IRAInternational Reiki Alliance
IRAInformation Retrieval for Advertising (workshop)
IRAInterrogation Réponse Aéronautique (French: Aeronautics Interrogation Response; Directorate of Civil Aviation; France)
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Beginning in 1988, the British government gave workers a third option for their second-tier payroll taxes: tax-deferred individual retirement accounts. Individuals who choose this option can supplement their individual accounts with additional tax-deferred contributions.
But they also vary for less apparent reasons, such as whether a 401(k) plan provider expects to get additional business if workers roll 401(k) balances into Individual Retirement Accounts. A very rough rule of thumb might be that expenses ought not to exceed 1% of assets in a moderate-sized company.
It provides the tax advantages of an individual retirement account and the medical expense funding options of a flexible spending account.
As an additional investment vehicle, she may also want to consider an education IRA (individual retirement account) to help pay for her son's education.
If F uses some of the tax savings to purchase an individual retirement account (IRA) or a simplified employee pension-IRA; the increase in income tax is mitigated and he has secured a source of future retirement benefits to replace those lost from the reduction in future Social Security benefits.
If you haven't started investing, begin putting away money in a 401(k) plan or individual retirement account
The IRSRRA '98 changed the Education individual retirement account (Education IRA) rules extensively.
After consulting with a financial planner, her son David suggested that his mother roll the money over into an individual retirement account. She agreed and has been happy with the decision ever since.
* Place additional funds in an Individual Retirement Account. "By rolling the money over into an IRA, Debra not only defers taxes, but she is going to have a lot more investment options," he adds.
12 (9/28/98), held that an additional individual retirement account (IRA) distribution received by a taxpayer less than five years after he began a series of substantially equal periodic payments was an impermissible modification that triggered application of the Sec.
402(c)(1) allows an individual to receive an eligible rollover distribution from a qualified retirement trust without being subject to current income taxation or premature distribution penalties, if he transfers such distribution to another eligible retirement plan, such as an individual retirement account (IRA), within the 60-day period beginning on the distribution receipt date.
Many funds also charge a yearly custodial fee to cover the administrative costs of handling an individual retirement account.
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