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PDA is relatively common in premature babies and indomethacin is often used to treat it - but Junior also suffered from a serious illness called necrotising enterocolitis, which kills off tissue in infant bowels.
Conclusion: High dose of aloe vera gel extract causes significant sodium and water retention in healthy rats, which was still less than that of indomethacin.
As indomethacin was dissolved in ethanol, this group served as time-matched control group.
There were no serious adverse events, but seven patients in the indomethacin group and one in the prednisolone group discontinued treatment because of adverse signs or symptoms.
The dose of Indomethacin (8 mg/kg) was determined from a previous study (Abimosleh et al, 2013).
Indomethacin administration produced mucosal lesions in stomach of the rats, as per marked from injury score investigation.
The administration of indomethacin to premature infants born at 28 weeks or less in the absence of optimal ANS almost eliminated severe IVH [intraventricular hemorrhage] over a 2-year period," concluded the investigators, led by neonatologist Morgan Spaight, a fellow at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.
Maternal administration of indomethacin or ibuprofen can reduce fetal urine output and decrease the volume of amniotic fluid.
Acute attacks are usually treated with a short course of an anti-inflammatory such as indomethacin.
As a control, in the same conditions the anti-inflammatory activity of the known drug indomethacin is in dose of 15 mg/kg, 62.
Indomethacin and its effect on renal function and urinary kallikrein excretion in premature infants with patent ductus arteriosus.