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INDIndiana (old style)
INDIndependent (subway line, New York, NY)
INDIndonesian (language)
INDInvestigational New Drug (application to the FDA)
IndIndic (linguistics)
INDImmigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst
INDImprovised Nuclear Device
INDImmigration and Nationality Directorate (UK)
INDIndorsement (former spelling of endorsement)
INDInstituto Nacional de Deportes (Spanish: National Institute of Sports)
INDInstitute of Notre Dame (Maryland high school)
INDIota Nu Delta (fraternity)
INDInterplanetary Network Directorate (US Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
INDInvestigatory New Drug
INDIn Nomine Dei (Latin: In the Name of God)
INDIndianapolis, IN, USA - Indianapolis International Airport (Airport Code)
INDInternational Nomenclature of Diseases (WHO)
INDInternodal Distance
INDInstitut für Nachrichtengeräte und Datenverarbeitung (German: Institute for Communication Systems and Data Processing; Aachen, Germany)
INDIrrigation and Debridement
INDIntensive Narcotic Detoxification
INDIncision and Drain
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The note contained an undated, blank indorsement, which was insufficient to prove standing at the time the complaint was filed.
mean that the amended indorsement of claim in this present action
In the case of UCC Article 3, this means that the use of integrated, formalized writings transferred through indorsement and physical delivery and enforced via presentment.
Eg, in Victoria, the originating process must contain an indorsement stating the facts and the particular ground(s) for service out relied on (see Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2005 (Vic) r 7.
Housewives' League Near Serious Split: Row over an Indorsement.
Having quoted the observation from Dutch v Warren that 'if one man takes another's money to do a thing, and refuses to do it; it is a fraud', (72) he remarked that the 'fraud' on the facts of the case before him was 'stronger'--'The indorsement, which enabled the defendant to recover, was got by fraud and falsehood, for one purpose, and abused to another'.
Austin is very much to the good, is as square as a die, and ought to receive the cordial support and indorsement of every man who believes in and is striving for good government.
blanket indorsement [sic] of the deterministic principle.
She placed her indorsement on fabrics, dresses and millinery without his knowledge, and withheld the profits.
Furthermore, the survey has been attacked by interested but unscrupulous gold miners, who, without his indorsement, could not put their lands upon the market.
During this period of transit and voyage, the bill of lading by the law merchant is universally recognised as its symbol; and the indorsement and delivery of the bill of lading operates as a symbolical delivery of the cargo.