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He believed that the general practitioner who attended the family, and had called him in when the case grew serious, had treated Henrietta unskilfully, but professional etiquette bound him so strongly that, sooner than betray his colleague's inefficiency, he would have allowed him to decimate London.
His wife had never shown any jealousy of Mattie, but of late she had grumbled increasingly over the house-work and found oblique ways of attracting attention to the girl's inefficiency. Zeena had always been what Starkfield called "sickly," and Frome had to admit that, if she were as ailing as she believed, she needed the help of a stronger arm than the one which lay so lightly in his during the night walks to the farm.
He was on his feet, flinging his arms, his rhetoric, and his control to the winds, alternately abusing Ernest for his youth and demagoguery, and savagely attacking the working class, elaborating its inefficiency and worthlessness.
All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.
This universal inefficiency of what he called "the shore gang" he ascribed in general to the want of responsibility and to a sense of security.
Mr Channa and Mr Afzal were served with charge sheet on November 29, 2018 over the allegations of misconduct and inefficiency. Show cause notices to them were issued on Feb 28 and he was termination after consideration of his replay to the show cause notice.
Intentional inefficiency is when we purposefully choose to let ourselves be disorganised instead of structured, unproductive instead of industrious, and improvisational instead of methodical.
Inquiry being initiated against the tour operator whose inefficiency led to the problem for Pakistanis: kudos to Amb Sajid Bilal and his team,' Dr Faisal tweeted.
Tobit model shows that the education, experience in off-season capsicum/bell pepper production and meetings with extension staff had a significant and negative impact on inefficiency. The effect of family size, off-season capsicum/bell pepper area and distance of vegetable market was significant and positive on inefficiency.
She asked the PTI chairman to write to the caretaker prime minister regarding evaluation of the performance of the PTI government in Pakhtunkhwa as well, adding that he did not need to cry hoarse like thieves to cover up the incompetence and inefficiency of the government of his party in the province.
Here [gamma] lies between zero and one (0 [less than or equal to] [gamma] [less than or equal to] 1) and represents the share of the inefficiency in the overall residual variance.
The sources in FBR giving details of these cases said most of these cases were related to misconduct, inefficiency and corruption but the FBR can only proceed against them under E and D Rules and corruption cases have to be sent to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for taking action against the official and proceed for recovery if needed.