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INFLInstitut National de Formation de la Librairie (French: National Institute for Bookstore Training)
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Yes, that's the best place for such inflammable nonsense.
An inflammable gas, and one markedly lighter than the atmosphere.
Casaubon had been the mere occasion which had set alight the fine inflammable material of her youthful illusions, does it follow that he was fairly represented in the minds of those less impassioned personages who have hitherto delivered their judgments concerning him?
About the walls were a number of flaming torches stuck in holes in a clay plaster which evidently served the purpose of preventing the inflammable wood and grasses of which the hut was composed from being ignited by the flames.
For this purpose, the inflammable gas which exudes plentifully from the soil is collected by means of pipes, and thence communicated to a quadruple row of lamps along the whole extent of the passage.
Out of the court, and a long way out of it, there is considerable excitement too, for men of science and philosophy come to look, and carriages set down doctors at the corner who arrive with the same intent, and there is more learned talk about inflammable gases and phosphuretted hydrogen than the court has ever imagined.
A world of inflammable lovers of the Romeo and Juliet type would very soon end in barbarism and misery.
Into one edge of this little area the trapper brought the females, directing Middleton and Paul to cover their light and inflammable dresses with the blankets of the party.
No lights whatever were safe amidst that bundle of inflammable things.
He called for the support of all and sundry in the efforts to protect lives and property in the state, stressing that 'simple habits of switching off electrical appliances when not in use as well as handling inflammable materials with care would go a long way in preventing fire disasters.
Supporting the standardisation process in the EU and globally for inflammable refrigerants, by participating in standards bodies, reviewing existing standards and drafting new ones;
his assault rifle and container of inflammable liquid.