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IRInternational Relations
IRImposto de Renda (Brazil)
IRInvestor Relation
IRInjured Reserve (football)
IRIntermediate Representation
IRIrish (linguistics)
IRImmune Response
IRIslamic Republic of Iran (ISO country code, top level domain)
IRInformation Required
IRInterest Rate (economics)
IRInstitutional Research
IRIngersoll-Rand (pneumatic products company)
IRIslamic Republic
IREngineer (University, Dutch)
IRInland Revenue (UK)
IRIslamic Relief (UK)
IRInsulation Resistance
IRImage Runner
IRInformation Retrieval
IRIndustrial Relations
IRInstitutional Repository (digital intellectual output)
IRInsulin Resistance
IRInstrument Rating (Aviation)
IRIndian Reservation
IRInfrared Radiation
IRImmediate Release (pharmaceutics)
IRImpôt sur le Revenu (French income tax)
IRImpulse Response (radio propagation)
IRIndian Railway
IRInformation Resources
IRInterface Repository
IRInstruction Register
IRIndependent Research
IRInsulin Receptor (molecular biology)
IRInformation Request
IRIncident Response (security)
IRIncidence Rate
IRInitial Response (military logistics)
IRIngenieur (Dutch: Master of Science)
IRInspection Report
IRIncident Report (Canadian Air Force)
IRInformation Requirements
IRInformation Report(s)
IRIonizing Radiation
IRInterventional Radiology (medicine)
IRInternal Resources
IRIndustrial Robot
IRIm Ruhestand (German: Retired)
IRInsuficiencia Renal (Spanish: Renal Failure)
IRInformation Revolution
IRImaging Radar
IRInformation Ratio
IRInstant Replay
IRInternational Roaming (GSM technology)
IRInternal Review
IRIran Air (IATA airline code)
IRInformation Repository (US EPA Superfund site information)
IRInformation Rate (US DoD)
IRIssue Resolution (various organizations)
IRInternal Resistance
IRIntelligence Report
IRInitialization and Refresh (compressor state)
IRInternet Registry
IRIngestion Rate
IRIndex Register
IRInfrared Radiometer
IRInformation Record
IRInterrupt Request
IRIndependent Radio
IRInvestigation Report
IRIron Rod
IRInherited Runner (baseball; runner on base when a pitcher enters)
IRIntegrated Resort (Singapore)
IRInternal Rotation
IRInterventional Radiologist (medicine)
IRImpairment Rating (medical assessment)
IRIntermediate Reach
IRInner Radius (construction industry)
IRInterRegio (train)
IRIncident Record
IRIntelligent Routing (computing)
IRInhalation Rate
IRInstallation Restoration
IRIleal Resection
IRIce on Runway
IRIntelligence Requirement (US DoD)
IRInternet Router
IRIsoprene Rubber (polyisoprene rubber)
IRIterative Reconstruction
IRIsoprene Rubber
IRImage Rejection (radio electronics)
IRInterracial Relationship
IRInterference Rejection (communications systems)
IRIncremental Reactivity
IRIvan Reitman (film director)
IRInstallation Report
IRInstrument Reading
IRInvoice Receipt (accounting)
IRIntegrated Resources
IRIsrael Railways
IRInspection Record
IRInstitut de Rééducation (French: Rehabilitation Institute; various locations)
IRInternational Rendezvous (dating service)
IRInterstate Route
IRInspection Request (construction)
IRInvestigation Request
IRIndustrial Roundtable
IRInterReklama (Russian advertising network)
IRInvitation Request
IRIntensification Ratio
IRIndigenous Revolution
IRInward Radial
IRInterval Rate
IRInvestment Request
IRInternal Revision
IRIntegrated Rating (marine)
IRInstrument Route
IRInteroperability Requirement
IRIngress Router
IRIntelligence Request
IRIntermediate Resonance
IRIFR Military Training Route
IRInterposing Relay
IRInvestable Resources
IRIntelligent Roaming
IRIntermittent Reperfusion
IRIntermediate Rear
IRInduction Regulator
IRInterruption Reporting
IRIglooReport (Pittsburgh Penguins website)
IRImperator et Rex (Emperor and King)
IRInternet Protocol Detail Record Recorder
IRIncoherent Recombining
IRIncorrect Reconfiguration
IRInhibiting Relay
IRInsurance Record(s) (insurance)
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Information requirements start at the office level and extend to the executive, congressional and judicial branches of government.
Existing securities not meeting the new information requirements during the transition period will continue to be repo eligible.
This consultation seeks views on proposed changes to the information requirements for planning applications in relation to the prescribed information which is required both at a national and a local level for an application to be considered valid by the local planning authority.
To account for the better performance of expert information analysts in understanding and specifying information requirements, the research on cognitive process has focused on the differences in the modeling behaviors between expert and novice information analysts.
Tasked to provide relevant socio-cultural knowledge to all levels of command, she had specific information requirements from the BCT down to troop command.
ON AUGUST 12 Champ Cargosystems announced that seven freight carriers operating to and from Nigeria, including Cargolux, are using its solution to comply with Nigeria's new Advanced Customs Information requirements. Under the regulations, announced on July 14 with immediate effect, an electronic manifest must be submitted to Nigerian Customs prior to the flight departing for Nigeria.
For Army forces, this activity is a combined arms operation that focuses on priority intelligence requirements while answering the commander's critical information requirements." (FM 3-0 Operations) This information enables the commander to make sound decisions.
Data warehousing and enterprise analytics company, Teradata Corporation (NYSE:TDC) said on Wednesday that it has been selected by retailer United Supermarkets to meet its growing and comprehensive enterprise information requirements. Financial details were not available.
This in-depth analysis of the cross-border enforcement of debts within the European Union examines the scope of the European Enforcement Order, the minimum standards for uncontested claims procedures, service and information requirements, extended safeguards for the creditor's position and the processing of European Orders for Payment.
The alliance fosters new offerings and capabilities, including the integration of Deloitte's Enterprise Value Maps, a framework linking shareholder value to actions companies can take to improve such value, with Teradata EDW Roadmaps and industry-specific Logical Data Models that can help companies align specific strategic opportunities with information requirements.
The company believes business users need a new generation of information access systems that bring relevance and context in addressing their information requirements. The industrywide shift to housing data in a large number of silos, which Exalead refers to as "data clouds," creates the demand for information access platforms with better connectivity, interoperability and scalability.
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