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ITInformation Technology
ITInternet Times
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ITIndia Today (newspaper)
ITIndividual Training
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ITInstitute of Technology
ITInvestment Trust
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ITInformation Theory
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ITInitial Test
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ITIntegration Testing
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ITInstrument Test
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ITIntegrated Terminal
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ITImagine That
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ITInternational Terrorism
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ITIon Trap
ITInformation Systems Technician (US Navy Rating)
ITIntegral Transform
ITInflation Targeting
ITInheritance Tree (MIB)
ITIn Transition
ITInstant Teller (CIBC Banking, Canada)
ITItalic (linguistics)
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ITIntegrated Teaming (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
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ITImmortal Technique (rapper)
ITInterline Transfer (CCD image devices)
ITIliotibial Band
ITIcy Tower (game)
ITIncidental Take
ITImmunology Today
ITIlluminatus Trilogy (book series by R. A. Wilson & R. Shea)
ITImpulse Tracker (digital music)
ITIschial Tuberosity
ITInformation Terminology
ITIndie Talk (filmmaking web community)
ITIncentive Training (US DoD)
ITIncredible Technologies, Inc. (gaming manufacturer; Arlington Heights, IL)
ITInanimate Target
ITImproved Touring (racing forum)
ITInstituto de Telecomunicações (Portuguese: Telecommunications Institute)
ITInferotemporal Cortex (brain area)
ITIntegrated Timeline
ITInterruptible Transportation (low priority transportation service)
ITIgnition Transformer
ITIlmatorjunta (Finnish: Anti-aircraft defence)
ITInactivity Test
ITInsuficiencia Tricuspidea (Spanish: Tricuspid Insufficiency)
ITInsulating Transformer
ITInstructor Text Book
ITIntelligent Terrain
ITIntegrated Trials
ITIntermediate Trunk
ITInner Targets
ITIndecisive Time (Kids Next Door TV show)
ITInternodal Transport (Sprint)
ITInterstitial Transfer
ITInspection Traveler
ITInternational Technology Division
ITIncome Tax Ruling Series (IRS)
ITIncreasing Term Rider (life insurance)
ITIconoclastic Titans (Quake 3 CTF Clan)
ITIndirectly Tunable
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As a preparation for the following discussion, we provide the minimum mathematical basis for a discussion of information theory.
Liu's intellectual history answers the same questions by claiming, powerfully, that we cannot study developments in information theory as if they were happening at the same time, but fundamentally elsewhere from developments in psychoanalytic theory.
From other side, there is an evident lack of tools for Information Theory specifically oriented to education.
Huffman coding is still one of the most familiar topics in information theory [1; 45; 46; 124], however, only recently a precise estimate of the average redundancy [[bar.
The better-known examples span science and technology, the social sciences, and the humanities: * computers, lasers, the electron microscope, and techniques of gene splicing; * statistical methods, formal mathematical models, data sets, and systems engineering, * game theory, organizational theory, and factor analysis; * survey and interview techniques, participation/observation, thick description, and explication du text; * evolutionary theory, information theory, structuralism, systems theory, and chaos theory; * the concepts of role, status, decision-making, information, and communication; * feminist and Marxist analysis.
First, counter to the predictions of the asymmetric information theory, we find that firms issuing callable debt do not subsequently reveal favorable information.
The basic assumption underlying information theory is that every signal is chosen from some known, finite universe of signals.
Information theory provides a useful framework for assessing the interest rate sensitivity of prospective and current cardholders.
Thus, whereas the monetarist view focuses on bank panics and monetary aggregates to explain crises, the asymmetric information theory looks at more particular microeconomic failures in institutions or markets.
Alice and Bob Meet Banach; The Interface of Asymptotic Geometric Analysis and Quantum Information Theory
The project~s vision is that finite-blocklength information theory will play the same role for low-latency systems as information theory has for current systems.
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