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IWSIn-Wall Subwoofer (various companies)
IWSInternet World Stats (market research)
IWSInformation Worker Solutions (Microsoft)
IWSImaginary Web Server
IWSI-Planet Web Server
IWSInternational Warranty Service
IWSInstructional and Web Services
IWSInternational Web Services
IWSImage Web Server
IWSInternational Water Supply (Canada)
IWSIrish Water Spaniel (dog breed)
IWSIntegrated Warfare Systems
IWSInformation Warfare Site
IWSIndustrial Welding Supply (Lakewood, NJ)
IWSInternational Wool Secretariat
IWSIntelligent Workstation
IWSInterworking Signalling
IWSIntegrated Web Services
IWSinfoworkspace (General Dynamics collaboration tool set; formerly GTE)
IWSI Want Sex
IWSInduSoft Web Studio (software)
IWSIntegrated Weapon System
IWSIndividual Weapon System
IWSI'm with Stupid
IWSIntelligent Web Services (project)
IWSInfantry Weapons Systems (USMC)
IWSInformation Warfare and Strategy
IWSInterceptor & Waste Services (UK)
IWSIonizing Wet Scrubber
IWSIndoor Wireless Systems
IWSIrritable Woman Syndrome
IWSInternet Wrestling Syndicate
IWSIndividually Wrapped Slices (packaging)
IWSIndiana Wind Symphony
IWSIntegrated Waste Solutions, Inc. (West Chester, PA)
IWSInternational Wafer Service
IWSIntegrated Work Station
IWSInkjet and Web Solutions (Hewlett-Packard)
IWSInternational Wastewater Systems, Inc
IWSInactive Waste Site
IWSIntegrated Water System
IWSIntegrated Web Service
IWSInterim Wideband System
IWSIntegral Wind Services
IWSIntegrated Work Schedule
IWSInert Warhead Section
IWSInsensible Water Loss
IWSIntegrated Weapon System Manual
IWSIndustry Wage Survey (USA)
IWSInstrument Workshop (Australia)
IWSInteroperable Wave Standard
IWSIntranet Web Services
IWSInterceptor Weapons School (Tyndall Air Force Base; Florida)
IWSIntuitive Web Solutions, LLC (Springfield, MO)
IWSInfant Warming System
IWSIndustrial Warehouse Service (Tuscaloosa, AL)
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0m in license royalties, for its flagship product line, InfoWorkSpace.
The new site contains extensive information on InfoWorkSpace 3.
InfoWorkSpace (IWS), a real-time virtual environment for information sharing, and the Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS), a coalition network specially designed to operate under multilevel security requirements, were also used.
The company sells a software product called InfoWorkSpace, which provides teams that are geographically dispersed with the ability to collaborate and share information in a real-time virtual environment.
We have been able to work with two of our major customers, Joint Forces Command and the Air Force's Air Operations Center, to have InfoWorkSpace 3.
The latest version of Ezenia's flagship product builds upon the existing robust security infrastructure to provide even more stringent information assurance within the InfoWorkSpace collaborative environment.
General Dynamics Electronic Systems, a subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE:GD), has announced that it will provide its InfoWorkSpace on-line collaboration software and support for up to 5,000 defense and national intelligence users under a $2.
0 of InfoWorkSpace, its history of liquidity concerns and operating losses, and other considerations that are discussed further in such report.
OB), a provider of real time solutions for situation sensitive and mission critical applications in corporate, government and commercial networks, announced on Thursday (14 May) that the company has been awarded a renewal order for its InfoWorkSpace products from the US Air Force (USAF).
Mark Hottendorf and Operations Specialist Senior Chief Kevin Albright were using IWS, or InfoWorkSpace, an interactive virtual environment that allows geographically dispersed teams to collaborate and share information in real-time.
OB), a leading provider of real time solutions for situation sensitive and mission critical applications in corporate, government and commercial networks, announced today that it has received a renewal order for its InfoWorkSpace products from the Air Force Materiel Command, United States Air Force (USAF) through Harris Corp.
Some flagships also use InfoWorkSpace (IWS), which requires significant bandwidth and expensive client licenses.