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IGTInternational Game Technology
IGTImpaired Glucose Tolerance (medical)
IGTIowa Gambling Task (psychology)
IGTInternational Game Tech
IGTImage Guided Therapy (various organizations)
IGTInterlinear Glossed Text (linguistics)
IGTInsufficient Glandular Tissue (breastfeeding)
IGTInspector General of Taxation (Australia)
IGTIndustrial Gas Turbine
IGTInstitute of Gas Technology
IGTInspectoría General de Trabajo (Spanish: General Labour Inspectorate)
IGTIndependent Gas Transporter (UK)
IGTIntra-Group Transaction (insurance)
IGTInsulated-Gate Transistor
IGTIntegrated Ground Test
IGTIino Gas Transport Co., Ltd. (Japan)
IGTImproved Gas Turbine
IGTIndicazione Geografia Tipica (Italian wine classification)
IGTInteractive Graphics Technology
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City of horrors and death; but--city of fabulous riches." The ingot was of virgin gold.
Carefully feeling about, he found himself within a large chamber, along the walls of which, and down the length of the floor, were piled many tiers of metal ingots of an odd though uniform shape.
Immediately Tarzan led them to the treasure chamber, where to each was allotted a load of two ingots, for each about eighty pounds.
When they had gone Tarzan gathered up two of the ingots and, springing into a tree, ran lightly above the tangled and impenetrable mass of undergrowth for a couple of hundred yards, to emerge suddenly upon a circular clearing about which the giants of the jungle forest towered like a guardian host.
Fifty trips Tarzan made before he had deposited all the ingots within the precincts of the amphitheater.
A moment later he stood within the treasure chamber, where, ages since, long-dead hands had ranged the lofty rows of precious ingots for the rulers of that great continent which now lies submerged beneath the waters of the Atlantic.
Tarzan again made his way toward the treasure vault, knowing that in a few hours his blacks would be with him, ready to bear away another fortune in the strangely shaped, golden ingots of Opar.
Six trips he made in the five hours before Basuli reached the kopje, and at the end of that time he had transported forty-eight ingots to the edge of the great boulder, carrying upon each trip a load which might well have staggered two ordinary men, yet his giant frame showed no evidence of fatigue, as he helped to raise his ebon warriors to the hill top with the rope that had been brought for the purpose.
Fifty-two more ingots passed out of the vaults, making the total of one hundred which Tarzan intended taking away with him.
Captain Nemo took the ingots one by one, and arranged them methodically in the chest, which he filled entirely.
He felt like the greedy inhabitant of Bagdad when his eyes had been greased with the magic ointment of the dervish, that gave him to see all the treasures of the earth.[2] Caskets of buried jewels, chests of ingots, and barrels of outlandish coins seemed to court him from their concealments, and supplicate him to relieve them from their untimely graves.
when I gaze on thee, and think when and how we are next to meet, I could even wish myself one of thine own degraded nation; my hand conversant with ingots and shekels, instead of spear and shield; my head bent down before each petty noble, and my look only terrible to the shivering and bankrupt debtor this could I wish, Rebecca, to be near to thee in life, and to escape the fearful share I must have in thy death.''