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INJInstituto Nacional de la Juventud (Spanish: National Institute of Youth; Venezuela)
INJIrish Network Japan (est. 1987; Tokyo, Japan)
INJInternational Nonwovens Journal (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry)
INJIn Nomine Jesu (Latin: in the name of Jesus)
INJIndra Narayan Jain (business school; India)
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That was all; and on the land I would have been lying on the broad of my back, with a surgeon attending on me, and with strict injunctions to do nothing but rest.
Bashti had issued stern injunctions against wholesale slaughter.
Jones no sooner heard this than he quitted the master, laying on him at the same time the most violent injunctions of forbearance from any further insult on the Merry-Andrew; and then taking the poor wretch with him into his own apartment, he soon learned tidings of his Sophia, whom the fellow, as he was attending his master with his drum the day before, had seen pass by.
She therefore sent the Prince a large and splendid ruby, with injunctions to wear it night and day as it would protect him from all attacks, but added that the talisman only retained its power as long as the Prince remained within his father's dominions.
The steward did not say it was quite impossible, but suggested selling the forests in the province of Kostroma, the land lower down the river, and the Crimean estate, in order to make it possible: all of which operations according to him were connected with such complicated measures- the removal of injunctions, petitions, permits, and so on- that Pierre became quite bewildered and only replied:
And during that time, notwithstanding all my injunctions, you left the key behind, unfortunate child
The Court previously granted the Company an interim injunction restraining the said representatives (Trustee, Delegate and Security Agents) from taking any such actions.
Crime and civil contracts have been amended to enable both crime and civil providers to carry out this work where it relates to an application of part 1 injunction.
980(a), Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence.
All the accused infringer had to do now was put up some kind of defense in order for the judge to deny the patent holder a preliminary injunction pending the outcome of the trial.
And sometimes the report of the injunction can be nearly as damaging as the information itself.
Only 20 have tried to remove their names from the gang injunction list, and of those, 11 were rejected, seven are pending, one was withdrawn and one was approved.