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INJInstituto Nacional de la Juventud (Spanish: National Institute of Youth; Venezuela)
INJIrish Network Japan (est. 1987; Tokyo, Japan)
INJInternational Nonwovens Journal (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry)
INJIn Nomine Jesu (Latin: in the name of Jesus)
INJIndra Narayan Jain (business school; India)
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The former to take good times, when first to relate to a man an angry business; for the first impression is much; and the other is, to sever, as much as may be, the construction of the injury from the point of contempt; imputing it to misunderstanding, fear, passion, or what you will.
To those would they thereby do injury who have power at present: for with those the preaching of death is still most at home.
No, no,' says she, 'I will do him no injury, I assure you, but you may let me satisfy my curiosity a little, for if it is he, I warrant you I find it out.
She assured him that as what she had to say was a secret that belonged to him only, so whether he accepted her offer or not, it should remain a secret to all the world, unless he exposed it himself; nor should his refusing her service in it make her so little show her respect as to do him the least injury, so that he should be entirely at liberty to act as he thought fit.
Here he entered into some freedoms with her on the subject of what passed between us, which are not so proper for a woman to write, and the great terror that was upon his mind with relation to his wife, for fear he should have received any injury from me, and should communicate if farther; and asked her at last if she could not procure him an opportunity to speak with me.
I do not know how that about righting wrongs can be," said the bachelor, "for from straight you have made me crooked, leaving me with a broken leg that will never see itself straight again all the days of its life; and the injury you have redressed in my case has been to leave me injured in such a way that I shall remain injured for ever; and the height of misadventure it was to fall in with you who go in search of adventures.
You would, then, revenge the injury inflicted by Munro on his helpless daughters.
Is there no reward, no means of palliating the injury, and of softening your heart?
They are second to motor vehicle accidents as a cause of injury and death whereas fall is an important etiology among very young and elderly1.
All age group with hand injury, all sex group, Male, Female, and transgenders.
A48 - deaths, two; serious injury, five; slight injury, 66; total, 73.