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Epson said global shipments of ink-jet printers worldwide amounted to 75 million units in fiscal 2009 ending in March this year, with Epson accounting for approximately 19%.
Low-cost ink-jet cartridges are the core of Kodak's strategy for its line of Easyshare AiO printers, which were introduced in April at major office supply stores.
APPLICATION: This paper can help to guide coating formulators in the contribution of pigment characteristics to coating structure for matte coatings of ink-jet papers that can be on-machine coated.
subsidiary in charge of supervising production of ink-jet printers in North and South America, and its ink-jet printer manufacturing unit in Mexico, Canon Business Machines de Mexico S.
Stand, 2001, eight quilt-covered dining-room chairs bearing a fragmented ink-jet mural of zebras at a watering hole, imported this idea into a more clearly domestic situation.
Like all their coders, this unit increases uptime over continuous ink-jet printers by eliminating the need for solvent mixing, cleanup and maintenance of parts such as ink viscosity controls.
Color ink-jet printer suppliers and analysts agree, consumers prefer color over black and white -- even if it's laser technology.
No longer exorbitantly priced, dot-matrix, ink-jet and PostScript color printers start at about $500.
The demonstration of P(2)OLED materials that possess the high-efficiency of Universal Display's PHOLED(TM) phosphorescent technology, as well as ink-jet printing potential, is an important step toward the realization of cost-effective, large-area OLED displays.
Typically the usual required range is 10-20 cPs, but this is at the elevated temperatures that ink-jet runs, typically around 40 to 45[degrees]C.