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In Bond Street especially, where much of their business lay, her eyes were in constant inquiry; and in whatever shop the party were engaged, her mind was equally abstracted from every thing actually before them, from all that interested and occupied the others.
There may possibly be something in the report of the commission of inquiry touching on Ferrari's disappearance.
The commission of inquiry was already at work; having begun its investigations on December 6.
It added one more to the difficulties which beset the inquiry after the lost money.
Old Sharon, of course!" He stopped to count the money still left, out of the sum deposited by Moody to defray the cost of the inquiry. "All right!" he went on.
"Excuse me, ma'am, but this is by no means my intention; I make no inquiry myself, and should be sorry to have any made by my friends.
They saw much to interest, but nothing to justify inquiry.
But, if this inquiry is to go on, time is of too much importance to be wasted in writing.
Having brought my inquiry to that point--THEN, my lady, and not till then, I begin to look back into my own mind for my own experience.
First, as to the right method of conducting my inquiry. Second, as to whether Miss Verinder had an accomplice among the female servants in the house.
The boy gave his evidence clearly enough, but the servant's mind had not yet recovered the shock inflicted on it--he was plainly incapable of assisting the objects of the inquiry, and he was desired to stand down.
It was addressed to me by name, and I found on inquiry that it had been left at the bar by a woman just as it was near dusk, and just before the gas was lighted.