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INROIntramural NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) Research Opportunities
INROInternational Natural Rubber Organisation
INROInternational Naval Research Organization
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Netsuke (the Japanese characters net and suke mean "root" and "to attach", is pronounced "netski") are small carved button-like toggles, that secure the inro cord to the sash.
Mr Wrangham's collection of 18-19th century inro proved particularly popular with bidders worldwide.
Non-naturalized are: daimio, dairi, inro, itzebu, kago, k'ai shu, kanji, kirin, kobang, Rinzai, sennin, seppuku, shaku, shakudo, shippo, soroban, soshi.
25/lube or a record low in 10 years, whereas INRO had no more stock left.
and international exhibitors will feature textiles from the Far East in addition to an array of Asian art and artifacts, including screens, sculpture, jades, netsuke, inro, ojime, lacquer, bronzes, ceramics, furniture, jewelry, paintings and photographs.
Lotus Arts & Windermere Lamps will highlight Japanese design in its collection of licensed Victoria & Albert Museum lamps, including several inspired by inro -- small and exquisite Japanese lacquer boxes.
This is the kind of stand where you come across oriental lacquer-ware, boxes, writing sets and sometimes you find those wonderful three-tier stacked boxessecured by a silken cord called inro .
Providing enough money to support his big family is not the first thing to come inro his mind, as he's just looking to have a big family.
At baseline enrollment inro the original cohort study, each participant completed a self-administered questionnaire that included questions on lifestyle habits, health status, whether they suffered or had ever suffered from hypertension, and whether they received or had ever received medication for hypertension.
What's more, new players have entered the market, such as Kiva Systems, RMT, Seegrid, SI Systems, INRO and Kollmorgen.
pounds Belle D'Opium (50ml) by YSL, pounds 53 At first glance you can't help but be grabbed by the unique statement bottle of Belle D'Opium, "inspired by the precious Inro of bedroom masculine suit a girly ensures home in Far East warriors".