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InSERTIncremental Software Evolution for Real-Time Applications
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Delivered with machining allowance, the mold inserts are compatible with the Hasco line of standard Z and K components.
Kirk concedes that what appears to be such a simple invention for holding an armful of newspaper copies in a convenient position for inserting became obvious only when he himself had to insert ads by hand on deadline.
These proteins migrate to and insert themselves into the outer membrane of the host cell, where they trigger an immune response.
Tensile strength, or pull-out, is the axial force required to pull the insert out of the plastic material.
Its "triple effect" design combines four inserts for higher feed rates, a compact diameter for increased spindle speeds, and a new wear resistant multi layer PVD coating for increased cutting speeds.
A gathering of major tooling manufacturers should be held to develop standard milling insert shapes.
The observed tool life for each insert and grade combination test was plotted along with the best-fit line, and comparisons were made about the type and progression of wear on each cutting tool insert.
Shake the insert and listen for loose pieces rattling around.
The FemSoft Insert is sold by prescription, with toll-free phone orders discreetly shipped to a woman's home.
Through 1997, insert revenues have grown by almost 80%, while ROP revenue has dropped 12%.