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IOIowa (old style)
IOInformation Operations
IOIndian Ocean
IOInterest Only
IOIgrzyska Olimpijskie (Polish: Olympic Games)
IOInside Out (Frisbee throw)
IOIndustrial-Organizational (Psychology)
IOBritish Indian Ocean Territory
IOIf Only
IOInternational Organization
IOInformation Object
IOInformation Officer
IOInformation Overload
IOInfrastructure Optimization
IOIndirect Object
IOIntermon Oxfam (Spain)
IOIntelligence Officer
IOIn Organization (banking)
IOInvestigating Officer (law enforcement)
IOIndustrial Operations
IOInformation Output
IOInternal Order
IOInstitutional Official (various organizations)
IOImperial Order (gaming)
IOIonium (Thorium Isotope)
IOInsertion Order (web advertising)
IOIllumninati Order
IOInternal Organ
IOIntercept Officer (US Navy)
IOInstitute of Oceanography
IOIntegrated Operations (oil industry)
IOInteractive Optimum (cable services)
IOIndian Orchard (Springfield, MA)
IOImmigration Officer
IOIntelligence Oversight
IOIntegrated Optics
IOIlluminati Online
IOInformation Orientation
IOIndependent Observations
IOImmediate Office
IOInboard Outboard (boat drive system)
IOInput Operator
IOInternational Officer
IOInfinitely Often
IOIntermediate Objective
IOInspecciòn Ocular (Guatemala, police task force)
IOInsignificant Other
IOInitial Only
IOiodine monoxide
IOInformation Outlet (LAN)
IOInexperienced Operator
IOInspectie van het Onderwijs (Dutch)
IOInstant Outlining
IOInstalling Officer (International Order of DeMolay)
IOInventory Objective
IOIdiot Operator
IOInvestOne (software)
IOIsomerized Olefin
IOInteroperability Objective
IOIndividually Optimum
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PUBLIC FEARS A POLL conducted by Inside Out found that most people fear there will be more terror attacks on British soil.
Docter and Inside Out producer, Jonas Rivera, talked about Del Carmen's contributions to the movie in the backstage press room at the Oscars.
Inside Out unfolds like a dark but gentle fairy-tale, which reveals the backstage world of a magical big top.
And I'm glad to say the Inside Out crowd welcomed him with open arms and minds - and he seemed to enjoy himself as much as anyone on the packed dancefloor.
Now promoter Simon Foy is taking Inside Out on to new musical pastures, including electro and house.
Simon has been at the helm of Inside Out - on the last Saturday of the month at the Arches in Glasgow - since the start.
Inside Out will continue at the Arches, with regular events across the river at the Carling Academy Glasgow - the first party is on Saturday, April 5, with Tiesto and Guy Ornadel, in association with Email.
Why: Never miss Inside Out, I made my outfit especially for tonight