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INSPECTIntelligent System for Air Campaign Plan Evaluation based on expeCT
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They were the leading lights to the Berande anchorage, and every night in the year they were so inspected and hung out.
Handbags and cargo from Azerbaijan to Russia will be inspected according to the new rules by today, APA's Moscow correspondent reports.
Yesterday, Delhi Urban Development Minister, Satyendra Jain said that Delhi government has instructed fire officials to inspect all the coaching centres in the city in the wake of Surat coaching centre tragedy which claimed the lives of 20 students.
No one is allowed to inspect our warehouses without permission ,even if they are directors of PNP.
In response, Police Colonel Bernard, PNP spokesperson, said that while the police are not mandated to inspect VCMs and other election paraphernalia, they are tasked to ensure the "overall security" in the upcoming May 13 polls.
"On the basis of the received appeals, 1,954 houses in the city were inspected," he added.
'I did not personally inspect [the mines], but my team [went with the provincial team].
On the second day of the tour, President Akufo-Addo will go to Adentan to inspect the ongoing construction of the Madina-Adenta Highway footbridges.
This marked the start of a six year cycle of inspections during which Estyn will inspect all providers.
Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, accompanied by various officials, inspect transportation facilities in Makkah on Monday.
The time and labor required to inspect products using the customer's current manual system were costly; inspections were completed by workers who sat at inspection tables and manually checked the small parts, some of which were less than an inch in diameter, as they moved down a conveyor.
NNA - Teams of High Relief Commission began Sunday inspecting damaged houses in the vicinity of Taqwa Mosque and are working to financially compensate residents of said homes for their temporary stay at another location, while a team from Ogero inspected the site of the explosion near Salam Mosque and began working on fixing the network that was damaged as a result of the bombing, at a time when civil society volunteers from Salam and Taqwa campaign commenced cleaning and removing debris from the bombing sites in Tripoli, NNA correspondent reported.