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INSInertial Navigation System
INSI'm Not Sure
INSInternal Navigation System (US Navy; US DoD)
INSStar Trek: Insurrection (Star Trek movie)
INSInternational Network Services (company)
INSInstitute of Nature Study (Japan)
INSInput String
INSInstituto Nacional de Seguros (Costa Rica's insurance institution)
INSInstitutul National de Statistica (Romania)
INSImmigration & Naturalization Service (reorganized in 2003 under DHS, functions divided among USCIS, ICE and CBP)
INSInstitut National de la Statistique (French)
INSInfusion Nurses Society
INSIntegrated Network Solutions
INSInternational News Service
INSI'm Not Stupid
INSIsraeli Navy Ship
INSIncrement Stack Pointer
INSInternet Sign-up
INSIntelligent Network Services
INSInternet Naming Service
INSInformation Systems
INSInternet Communication Settings
INSInsert Code
INSInteroperable Naming Server
INSInternal Nonhostile Structured
INSIntegrated Notification System
INSInstrument Music File
INSIntelligent Network Server
INSInput Stream
INSInstallation Script
INSInstall Shield
INSInternational Neuropsychological Society
INSIn Nomine Satanis (roleplaying game)
INSItchy and Scratchy (The Simpsons)
INSInformation Network System
INSInternational Numbering System
INSindependent news service
INSIndian Newspaper Society (New Delhi, India)
INSIowa Network Services, Inc.
INSIntravenous Nurses Society
INSIndian Naval Ship
INSIdiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome
INSIndie Night School (podcast)
INSIron Soldering
INSIntegrated Netfinity Server
INSIntranasal Steroids
INSIntelligent Notification Services (IBM)
INSIntegrated Network System
INSInformatics Nurse Specialist (American Nurses Association)
INSInterstate Nuclear Services
INSInstitute of Nuclear Studies (Japan)
INSIndirect Sourcing (Nokia)
INSInternet Configuration Settings (file name extension)
INSIntelligent Network Systems
INSInelastic Neutron Scattering/Spectrometer
INSIndependent NECA (National Exchange Carrier Association) Services, Inc.
INSInstitute of National Strategy
INSIntegrated Nitrogen System
INSInstitute of Naval Studies
INSInformation Nurse Specialist
INSImproved NADGE Station
INSIndigenous Names Survey (Canada)
INSInternational Network Solutions, Inc.
INSInitial Navy Stock
INSIMF Institute Department (International Monetary Fund)
INSIntegrated Navigation Set
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Increasing prevalence of diabetes, increasing number of geriatric population, rising prevalence of obesity and increasing R&D investment for more effective insulin are driving the growth of the human insulin market in North America.
The choice of an insulin preparation is best made by shared decision making, involving multidirectional communication between patient and physician, and if required, the care giver or family members.
Patients were randomized to either glargine (Lantus; Aventis) or human premix insulin (mixture of 30% neutral soluble insulin and 70% isophane insulin) to be administered subcutaneously at bedtime (glargine) or twice a day (human premix insulin), using a pen injector or insulin syringe as preferred by patient for 24 weeks.
Demand for insulin for the treatment of diabetes reached an estimated 5,500 kilograms in 2005 and is projected to increase to 16,000 kilograms by 2012.
Of the four good studies, only one found a benefit--lower levels of fasting blood glucose, insulin, and glycated hemoglobin--in people who were given 1,000 micrograms a day of chromium (from chromium picolinate) for four months.
The involvement of ERs in lipid and glucose metabolism has been demonstrated in ER-[alpha] knockout mice that display increased adiposity, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance (Heine et al.
Even with insulin therapy, type I diabetes is far from a benign disorder.
The MannKind inhaled-insulin delivery system consists of a proprietary dry powder Technosphere formulation of insulin that is inhaled into the deep lung using MannKind's MedTone inhaler, a single-use disposable plastic cartridge containing the medication.
In the Elecsys assay, in a first 9-min incubation, plasma insulin, a biotinylated anti-insulin antibody, and a second monoclonal anti-insulin antibody labeled with an electrochemiluminescent ruthenium complex react to form a sandwich complex.
External insulin pumps connect to narrow, flexible plastic tubing that ends with a needle inserted just under the skin near the abdomen.
Nevertheless, the insulin scare attracted a formidable array of scientific talent.
What is insulin delivery devices market in 2007 and 2014 for Europe?